Xiaomi Mi3 leaked shell hints at 5-inch 1080HD screen

Leaked photos of the purported Xiaomi Mi3 case suggest the new Xiaomi phone will be a 5-inch phablet!

Xiaomi are still relying on Foxconn to manufacture the next generation Xiaomi Mi3, as they had with the original M1 and current M2. While this is great for keeping costs low, it isn’t all that effective when trying to keep the latest designs safe.

The Xiaomi Mi3 isn’t expected to launch until October of this year, however a photo taken from inside a Foxconn factory shows what could be a leaked rear shell for the new phone, which is a whole lot bigger than the current 4.3-inch Xiaomi Mi2!

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From the photo the case appears to be for a 5-inch device, which makes sense as Xiaomi tend to strive to launch phones on par with other flagship models. We can also make out space for the (13 mega-pixel?) rear camera sensor, (dual?)LED flash and the famous Mi logo.

The overall design is much more angular than the current Mi2, but as this is likely an early prototype we can expect a few changes.

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  1. Muhammed
    February 18, 2013

    Curious what this will bring..

  2. Airyl
    February 18, 2013

    Looks more like a 4.7 inch phone to me.