Is this the next generation flagship Xiaomi Mi3?

While we are pretty sure that Xiaomi are planning 2 possible entry-level phones next month what we are really excited about is the flagship Xiaomi Mi3, and this could be the first spy photos of the phone!

Just as the current quad-core Mi2 was a huge change in design from the original Xiaomi M1s, the Mi3 is all new and improved too! This leaked photo is said to be from reliable sources and shows the front of the Mi3 which looks like it could be a borderless screen design!

As you would expect the display on the purported Mi3 is a 5-inch full 1080 panel, with processing power coming from a Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU. There will also be a 13 mega-pixel rear CMOS camera and 3000mAh battery on board!

After being constantly impressed by my own Xiaomi Mi2 for the past couple of months I am certainly going to be watching Mi3 developments over the next few months!

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