Official renderings of the Vivo Xplay aka best looking phone of 2013?

Official renderings of the Vivo Xplay aka best looking phone of 2013?


Vivo will be unveiling their latest flagship phone in Shenzhen next month, and if these purported official renderings are genuine it could be one of the best looking smartphones for 2013!

From the specification details we have seen, the Vivo Xplay has a lot going for it. It will sport a 5-inch 1080 HD display, 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600 quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front and a 3200mAh battery!

It’s also going to be a stunning looking phone too if these renderings turn out to be accurate. We can see that the majority of the front of the phone will be taken up with the full HD display with a narrow border and possibly on-screen navigation.

vivo xplay render 1

The edges appear to be very rounded and and wrap around a short distance to the alloy rear which looks very similar to the current Vivo X1.

vivo xplay render rear

Vivo have apparently made huge improvements in the audio quality, image capture and of the phones UI which runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Sources are suggesting the phone will be unveiled at the very competitive price of 2998 Yuan ($480) for the 16GB model and 3298 Yuan ($530) for the 32GB.

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  • Rhowdie

    I have been holding off my purchase of my next phone (android) and this looks to be a winner. I cant wait for it to go on sale. Do keep us updated.

  • Mark

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • anon
      • Yup, seen this too. Doesn’t look big enough though does it?

        • anon

          Maybe the borderless claim is really true… and that row of icons below seems to be a placeholder, pre production unit maybe?

          Could be fake as well though I dunno why would anyone make such elaborate fake. 😛

  • hursty

    me to I’ll believe it when I see it !!! The renderings of the lando x2 looked like a beautiful phone until the phone actually launched horrible design!!! So please vivo keep it how it looks in these pictures and you’ll have a winner !!

  • Marius

    I think with all the Mediatek stuff at about 200$ it’s hard to justify paying more than double for something like this but … there will always be people that want more so …

    • Camaman

      My thoughts exactly. How much different can it be to justify the price difference…

  • Ace

    i think the narudo lando x2 thought us a valuable lesson when it comes to renderings.

    • hursty

      my thoughts exactly

  • When will go on sale?

  • Mr.Bright

    Andi can you find me the link for a retail where to find it.

  • Sachin

    Andi, you didnt answered me correctly, that i want to buy this phone for me and my better half. So pls help me the place from where i acan buy this phone.. Plssssssssss

    • mannie

      It’s not for sale yet since it has not been released. I’m sure there are places where you can preorder but if i were you i.would wait untill it.releases so you can see if you still like how it looks by then (lando x02 is an example of how its better to wait)

  • Mr.Bright

    Hey Sachin i found that the retailer
    carries the brand Vivo, and i just shot them an email asking if they plan to carry it when it comes out, so i am still waiting for a reply
    But i hope Andi gives us another option.

    • Gerardo

      Th quality of service you can get from is amazing

  • Me

    The part on the top of the screen should be black to, so it looks like the whole front is screen!!!

  • gerardo

    for sure Mike from liaow,com will sell
    i bougth x1 from there too

  • The Vivo will be available in europe ?

    • Nothing has been confirmed or denied yet