Exclusive THL T100S vs Zopo ZP998: Hands on comparison!

Christmas comes a day earlier for GizChina as we have received both the 8-core THL T100S and the still unreleased Zopo ZP998 flagship phones for review!

As both the THL T100S and it’s rival, the Zopo ZP998 are two of the most desirable flagship, 8-core Chinese phones of the moment we have decided to do the reviews of both model in a parts, part 1 being a photo comparison of both model!

THL T100S vs Zopo ZP998 hands on comparison

thl t100s vs zopo zp998

Full reviews of both phones are in the works but as we just couldn’t wait to post details of each of these phones we decided to take a few hands on photos to compare the design of each phone.

Although under the skin the Zopo ZP998 and THL T100S both have the same 1.7Ghz MT6592 octa-core processor, 2GB RAM and both have the latest features, NFC, MHL, OTG, FHD display etc, both phones are very different in design and will likely suit different types of people.

thl t100s vs zopo zp998

The most notable difference between each of these flagship phones is the display size. The Zopo has a larger 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display while the T100S has a smaller 5-inch panel but with equal resolution.

While the Zopo has a larger display the overall dimensions of each phone aren’t too far from each other. The Zopo ZP998 dimensions are 151.4mm x 76.1 x 9.1mm while the THL T100S is 144.3 x 70.4 x 8.4mm. Only 5.7mm difference in width yet the THL losses .5-inch of screen real estate.

thl t100s vs zopo zp998

In the hand both phones feel comfortable and well made with no creeks or flexing. Textured rear panels are incorporated on both model with the Zopo getting a faux leather look and the THL a rubberised finish.

THL made the decision to reintroduce a removable rear on the T100S after receiving comments about their previous Monkey King phone. Removing the rear panel gives access to the dual-SIM card slots (TD-SCDMA and GSM), SD card reader and removable 2300mAh battery.

Zopo also allow customers to access the rear of the phone on the ZP998 also where you can also find dual-SIM slots, SD card and slightly larger 2400mAh battery.

Both phones feature 3D printed antennas (easy to see on the Zopo) and the NFC chip is easily seen on the removable rear panel.

THL T100S Hands on tour

thl t100s hands on

Touring around the THL T100S we can see that THL’s designers have been heavily influenced by the Xiaomi Mi3 and current Sony Xperia models.

The front is taken up by the 5-inch 1080 panel, with 3 backlit touch buttons on the chin and front facing 13 mega-pixel front camera located at the top close to the proximity sensors and speaker.

thl t100s hands on

On the rear we can see where most of the Xiaomi Mi3 influence is and we can also seen the recently redesigned THL logo. Another 13 mega-pixel shooter with F2.0 aperture sits in the top left-hand corner with LED flash positioned just below it there is an external speaker towards the base.

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thl t100s hands on

The base of the THL Tl00S features nothing but a small area to pull the rear panel off.

thl t100s hands on

A 3.5mm headphone jack, and micro USB are located in the top.

thl t100s hands on

The only physical controls on the flagship THL are the power button on the right side and volume rocker on the left.

THL T100S gallery

thl t100s hands on
THL T100S and Oppo N1

THL T100S first hands on impressions

The design of the THL T100S makes for a refreshing change when compared to other phones, and the rubberised rear makes it easy to hold the phone comfortably with one hand without fear of loosing grip.

Thought the THL is narrower than the Zopo, its sharp edges and odd profile actually make it less comfortable to hold. The build quality also doesn’t feel quite as good on the THL when compared to the Zopo.

Zopo ZP998 hands on tour

zopo zp998 hands on

There is nothing surprising about the Zopo ZP998 which looks like a larger version of the previous generation Zopo ZP980 only with a larger display and narrower bezels.

At 5.5-inch you might think the Zopo would be a bit of a handful, but in actual fact it is very comfortable to hold and feels better (in my hand) than the smaller THL T100S. The overall proportions of the Zopo also look better too with short stumpy top and lower sections similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

zopo zp998 hands on

Speaking of the top and lower sections, 3 back lit touch buttons sit on the chin while a 5 megapixel front camera, proximity sensor and speaker live at the top.

zopo zp998 hands on

The leather print finish on the rear of the Zopo looks good, feels nice and adds good grip. The rear also has a large external speaker, Zopo logo and a 14 mega-pixel rear camera and LED flash located in the top center.


There are more physical controls on the Zopo than the T100S, with a volume rocker on the left, power button on the right and also a camera shut ton button lower down on the left hand side. A 3.5mm headphone jack is found in the more traditional position at the top of the ZP998 while the micro USB is on the base.

Zopo ZP998 gallery

zopo zp998 hands on
Zopo ZP998 and Oppo N1

Zopo ZP998 hands on impressions

It might not be as risky or exciting as the THL T100S, but the Zopo ZP998 looks and feels better in the hand, and offers a larger display with only a slightly wider body.

The Zopo ZP988 we have on test is a pre-production sample, but the quality of the materials and build is good and a marked improvement over previous Zopo phones.

Zopo ZP998 and THL T100S reviews coming soon!

With Christmas tomorrow we won’t begin writing up our reviews until after the holidays, but be sure we will be playing around with each phone over the holiday time and will be bringing you more updates as we can.

From our first hands on with both phone which do you prefer? The Zopo ZP998 or the THL T100S?

Thanks to Antelife for sending the THL T100S and Zopo Shop for arraigning the ZP998 test phone.

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