$100 Orientphone W500 comes with quad-core MT6582 chipset!

If you have been following news of Chinese phones running the quad-core MT6582 chipset you will have seen the impressive Antutu scores these phones are capable of, which makes the $100 OrientPhone W500 even more of a bargain!

Similar in design and specification to the $160 Zopo ZP820, the OrientPhone W500 costs just $100 and is available right now. The phone features a 1.3Ghz quad-core Mediatek chipset, 4.9 mega-pixel front camera and 8 mega-pixel rear.

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We haven’t had chance to try the W500, but Antutu benchmarks show that this budget phone is capable of an amazing 17201 point on Antutu!

Full specifications are a 5-inch TFT (854 x 480) display, 4GB internal memory, 512mb RAM, Android 4.2.2 and a 2800mAh battery. More details can be seen over on the Orientphone W500 specifications pages.

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  1. Alex
    December 24, 2013

    1gb minimum! Or they can keep it…. The HTC EVO 4G had 512mb ram. LOL….

  2. highwind
    December 24, 2013

    “Antutu benchmarks show that this budget phone is capable of an amazing 17201 Point”

    I really dont understand what is amazing on that… MT6582 with ultra-low res is known to score in the 17k mark.

    I got a MT6582 phone with 1280×720 resolution and it scores slightly over 16k aswell.

  3. mikelete
    December 24, 2013

    It’s was going well until that 512MB RAM…

  4. dr.igi
    December 24, 2013

    Do anyone has experience with orient deal store and is this store ok?

  5. tweetycontrabajo
    December 27, 2013

    Very interesting brand.
    Too bad i can’t find custom roms for this devices.