ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone everything you need to know!

ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone everything you need to know!


ZoPhone weren’t the first to launch an iPhone 5 clone in China, however they do seem to have produced the most accurate iPhone 5 clone available even down to the new ear buds and Apples marketing!

What is the ZoPhone i5?

The ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone is a Chinese made imitation iPhone 5. It features the same design as the new 4 inch screen iPhone and even a similar specification, however it uses Google’s Android OS rather than iOS and will cost less than the real iPhone 5.

So now you know what the ZoPone i5 is it’s time to find out what this iPhone 5 clone has to offer us. Below are some of the features which ZoPhone are claiming for their new phone, and yes these images were all stolen from the Apple website and have had the Apple logo badly photo shopped out! (By ZoPhone not me).


ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone design

As this is classed as a ‘high-immitation’ iPhone 5 clone, the designers at ZoPhone have gone out of their way to produce an Android phone which looks and feels just like the real iPhone 5.

zophone iPhone 5 clone design

As such they have made their iPhone 5 clone to the same dimensions as the new iPhone 5 meaning you can use genuine Apple accessories with this low-cost Chinese knock-off!

The ZoPhone website has this to say about the i5

“The i5 as 7.6 mm thin which is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S”


ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone display

The ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone gets the same 4 inch Retina display as the real iPhone 5. Not just the same size but the same resolution and PPI!

zophone iPhone 5 clone screen

The officially specifications (here) state the ZoPhone i5 has a 4 inch retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 and 326ppi. They also claim that the screen on the i5 is 44% brighter than previous (iPhone 4s clone) phones and offers HD video playback.

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  • @Andy I have some questions:

    you put: “The ZoPhone i5 features built-in Wi-fi and supports 802.11m wireless network connections” but is not WiFi N???

    then you put “The CPU in the ZoPhone i5 is the popular MediaTek MT5766 dual-core CPU” but is not MTK 6577???


    • @Profesor Yeow cheers for that I’ll fix it now 😉

      • Hi Andy

        I would like to buy this phone in October can you recommend a good chinise or english website to buy. As you know in Chaina is lot of fake and fraud websits and this is puting me off for now but with your recommedation will be much easier to get the phone not junk in the box.


        best regards


        • Lukasz

          Hi Andi

          Do you have any recomendations of websits exept fastcardtech- they are not trastfull at all. Please give some detalis.



          • Sorry best place to ask is in the forum

  • Jeroen

    I also want to know a recommend reseller or something.
    Which ships to the Netherlands.

  • Dennis

    You should review about the audio quality on all reviews too, not just the features and looks.

  • Arnold

    It’s very difficult to do that and test things like RF reception when the item in question doesn’t even exist (yet!).
    Unfortunately, there are very few proper reviews of this type of product as reviewers are more interested in what is coming next than what can be purchased right now.
    That’s the difference between this type of website and Which? or Consumer Reviews etc.

  • Mephone

    Does this phone work with original iphone 5 charger and accessoires?

    • Arowolf

      From most places you can purchase online, yes. They even come in an Iphone 5 box in most cases, and some even have the logo on the phone.

  • Aqil


    BRO JUST I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BEST iPhone 5 clones ?!


    • Angie

      Yes andy, Im from new york, and had the same question as Aquil and Lucas. whats the best clone in china for iphone 5? I believe they have 4 clones: H3000+, h2000+, Goophone, and Zophone… What do you recommend? And which chinese vendor website offers paypal, or is simarily trustworthy? Most of us want to go to a reputable website so we dont get screwed.

  • maco

    which type of sim card does it use?

  • Henry

    Does anyone know if you can replace the back cover or front screen with OEM Apple parts? I know the GooApple V5 and GooPhone Y5 are compatable with them

  • Jenny

    The phone is really crap. I made a review of it

    • Ronnie

      A friend of mine purchased the Zophone i5 from this same site and yikes, I wish he had seen this video first. It wouldn’t be so bad if the phone actually had a signal and could connect to the network. It shows that sims is recognized, apn setting changed and everything, but no mobile network available. I figure it might be an antenna or something. No luck yet on a fix. Does anyone know if it can be opened and where to find replacement parts. Sending it back seems pretty costly and timely… Sucks

  • Skr1p

    I told this also nearly a half year ago, but they deleted my post. Piece of Chinese shit. No network, the screen is with a lot of stripes.

  • eyephone4me

    I noticed the comments here. I am looking to purchase a zophone i5 with retina display and LTE internet along with 4G for use in the US. Can someone reference or recommend the model which works in US, latest available, and overall experience. I know this has been asked before, but reply would be appreciated.

  • Mike

    i bought the zophone i5 and the only problem what i have with it is that the charger doesn’t work but the phone worked fine except for the charger

  • Jake

    Can you use virgin mobile?