iPhone 5 receives green light to go on sale in China

While Apple have always managed to do most things pretty well, one problem which has constantly cropped up is the speed of them getting network approval for China, that is until the iPhone 5 that is!

Chinese media are reporting that the iPhone 5 has been granted it’s network license and is now able to be officially launched and sold in the mainland of China, which also happens to be Apple’s fastest growing market!

iphone 5 network license china

Although the iPhone 5 hasn’t been officially launched in China determined iPhone fans have been able to get their hands on the 4 inch iPhone via Hong Kong and and grey market smugglers who have been selling the iPhone for for upwards of $1000 for the base 16GB version!

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The new that Apple are now able to launch the iPhone 5 is likely to cause a crash in grey market sales as shoppers hold off buying the high priced grey market model in favour of the offiicial Chinese version, which incidentally will only work properly on China Unicom networks!

The iPhone 5 will now have to compete with the Xiaomi M2, new Oppo Find 5 and various quad-core phone from Lenovo and Newman all of which offer similar functions at a fraction of the price!


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