5 things we know about the Oppo Find 5!

Oppo have had a great year this year. First there was their hammer beating super thin Oppo Finder 3 and now we can look forward to the new Oppo Find 5, but what do we know about this mystery quad-core Android phone?

While nothing has been confirmed we have managed to come across a number of details which we believe the new Oppo Find 5 will in fact feature once it is officially launched.


Oppo Find 5 Quad-core

First up the Oppo Find 5 is going to be a quad-core Android phone, however we are still unsure which chip vendor Oppo will opt for.

If price is an issue we would assume that the Find 5 will get the forthcoming MT6588 CPU, however looking at the current availability problems with MediaTek Chips it looks more likely it will get a Nvida Tegra 3 CPU, Samsung chip or possibly the Qualcomm S4.

If I had to put money on it though I would say that we are most likely to see the latest Qualcomm S4 quad-core chip in the Oppo Find 5 which happens to be the same CPU Xiaomi chosse for the M2.


oppo find 5 specification and screen

12 mega-pixel rear camera

This detail is very much unconfirmed and if Oppo were to go for a 12 mega-pixel rear camera they would be bucking the current trend which has next generation phones opting for high performance 8 mega-pixel units.

For example the iPhone 5 and the quad-core Xiaomi M2 both have high quality 8 mega-pixel cameras, so it would make sense for the Oppo Find 5 to get one also, but they could just jump ahead and go for a 12 mega-pixel unit like Xiaomi had experimented with but ultimately decided against for the M2.


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oppo find 5 quad-core specification leaked

Gizchina News of the week

2GB RAM seems to be the magic figure most tech savvy phone shoppers are looking for nowadays, and it would be nice if Oppo gave their new flagship phone a nice chunk or RAM.

Does it need it though? The new HTC Droid incredible X will only have 1.5GB RAM and has a similar specification and possibly even the same screen, so the Oppo Find 5 might head down that route too.


Built in battery

Most of us who are familiar with the Oppo Find and Finder phones agree that the new Oppo Find 5 will likely have a built-in battery to improve performance and cut down on size.

While we are pretty sure the Oppo Find 5 won’t be as thin as the 6.65mm Oppo Finder 3 we wouldn’t expect it to be too much fatter and a built-in battery could help this and could see the Find 5 measure in at around 6.9mm!


Oppo Find 1080 display

oppo find 5 5 inch 1920 x 1080 441ppi displayThe big news though is the Oppo Find 5’s screen which is rumoured to measure in at 5 inches, have a resolution of 1920 x  1080 with an amazing 441ppi which would put the new Oppo’s screen in the same league as the model HTC are planning for the Droid Incredible X!


All in all the Oppo Find 5 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Chinese phones to launch this year, best of all though is that Oppo likely won’t have a pre-order type selling strategy and we will be able to purchase the new Oppo in store right after its launched!



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  1. Randy Fabros
    September 17, 2012

    Really hope for Qualcomm Apq8064 S4 chip… qualcomm seems to be more energy efficient chip than the rest that I have read about and better for multi- tasking…. for gaming the tegra 3 (I think it has a better GPU), but eats a lot of the battery. But for me qualcomm would be a better option…. 2gb ram would be nice as alot of the phones in Japan and Korea are releasing 2GB ram (only in their respective countries), so it would be a good option if they would like to compete in the Japan and Korea markets (which I think are the leaders in making good innovative smartphones).
    Let’s hope they deliver………

  2. Rianto
    September 17, 2012

    S4 Krait or Tegra3 are better than samsung or mediatek, since most hd game compatible with adreno and tegra. This phone need 2gb ram, for multitasking and to support 1080px display.

  3. LucifeL
    September 20, 2012

    What I simply cannot fathom is how can Oppo think that the thickness of the phone is more important to us rather than a high capacity removable battery (o_O!) ???

    I would rather have a phone that is a couple of mm thicker but with a high capacity removable battery and carry a spare charged battery along with it.

    This is design for the heck of it !!! devoid of functionality.

  4. Atif
    September 21, 2012

    And what about thickness. If anybody comes to buy oppo’s phones, it will be for thickness primarily. The design you’ve shown above is perfect, I wish they made it around 5 mm thick and then set a price of around 600$.

  5. dude
    September 26, 2012

    If it was 5mm thick, it wouldn’t be $600, but atleast $6000. It’s not possible with current technology, especially you will get a crappy camera with 5mm.