Breaking: HTC Droid Incredible X To Boast 480ppi 1080 Display!?

The next impressive HTC phone we are likely to see, if these leaked photos and specs are true, is the all new 5 inch screened HTC Droid Incredible X which will boast an impressive 1080 480ppi display!

The iPhone’s retina display might be the current standard thanks to its high PPI, but if rumours are true there will be a new display king on the block in the shape of the all new HTC Droid Incredible X!

Leaked photos of the rumoured new HTC 5 inch phablet have been accompanied by reports that the HTC Droid Incredible X will feature a 1080 display with 480ppi!

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To ensure video, games and the web run smoothly it is also rumoured that the Droid Incredible X will get a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and up to 1.5GB of RAM! As a nice touch a second LED notification light might also be added to the rear of the 5 inch Galaxy Note rival to ensure you never miss a message or email.

leaked htc droid incredible x 1080

The only downsides we can see for the new 5 inch HTC phone are that the internal memory is said to be limited to just 16GB with no option for an SD card, and the battery will be a non replacable built-in unit!


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  1. Paul
    September 17, 2012

    What i would love to see is a secondary mini lcd on the back. you know to show the notification, so to that youll se if the certains emails or messages is important enough, for you to pick up the phone and reply back right away. They had those withfliptop phones befor, to think motorola wouldve done it by now. Oh crap why did i just give my ideea away for free? Ok patent pending 😉 I don’t think addidnd that secondary screen will greatly increase the thickness. Who can i contact on the phone manufacturers about such things. I could draw a sketch and explain it thoroughly. Samsung or sony could provide their great oled lcd specialy samsung with their flexible amoled lcd.

  2. rhs
    September 17, 2012

    Iphone for long time hasnt standart for pixel density. Last years htc rezound beat it, this year sony xperia s and xiaomi m2 and others too with 720p 4.3 inch screens. They have 342ppi.

  3. max
    September 17, 2012

    That’s a good news. But going by the HTC records this should also get battery bump like say a bigger 1600mAh battery.

    As per the market research team of HTC— “People prefer thinner phones then larger battery capacity phones”