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We already have the ALLDOCUBE brand firmly planted in our minds as the tablet/laptop makers, who are currently pumping out to the market some pretty …

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Cop Rose Household Cleaning Robot

Lately in China, cleaning robots are flourishing like never before. Obviously it all started with the original Roomba, then plenty of Chinese companies with the means …

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The Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum is a robot that cleans your house even when you’re asleep. It;s now official in China’s neighbour country, Taiwan.

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Over in China law enforcement has a new weapon in the war against crime, and its name is the AnBot!

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xiaomi robot

Xiaomi’s range of smart home products is growing larger by the week and a new member of the family has been sighted ready for a new home.

The iLife V5 Pro is a budget robotic vacuum cleaner with a host of modes that can make your life easier – one mode at a time!

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Robots are the future alright, but this one from Ramos will be available in the coming weeks and it’ll recite you poems, red you stories, among other things.

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The new Chuwi Ilife V5 is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner which will clean your home’s floor while you go about doing your merry business!

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Have you ever fancied your own programable flying robot? Well now here is your chance with the Spiri Kickstarter.

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If you were anything like me in the mid 80’s you watched Knight Ryder religiously, lied to your teachers about being called Micheal Knight and …

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China Unicom’s latest attempt to attract new customers are heat seeking human stalking robots!

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China’s Yinghuo-1 satellite was launched earlier this morning from Baikonur cosmodrome along with the Russian Phobos-Grunt probe. Both probes are heading towards Mars, but once …

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Farmer Wu, his Rickshaw robot and other robot creations will be attending this year World Expo in Shanghai. Check out the video to see his robot family in action.

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China’s experimental military drones are not something you would come across everyday, well unless you happened to be in the woods of Huining, Hebei where …

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Fancy a bit of gaming goodness on your Android device? Well take a look at our top Android game picks for this week. Guerrilla Bob …

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Chinese inventors have a certain love affair with robots, it may possibly be due to most 30 something Chinese having grown up on Transformers cartoons …

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A Japanese iPhone/iPad moder decided to give his iPad cute eyes and the ability to walk/waddle across a table. On first viewing I though it …

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