China’s streets are being patrolled by a Robocop that looks like R2D2


Over in China law enforcement has a new weapon in the war against crime, and its name is the AnBot!

The AnBot isn’t really a Robocop as such as is actually more like an automated mall cop/security guard, and has already been deployed in Zhengzhou East train station.

This is the first autonomous security robot that has seen action in China and features face recognition features, facial scanning the ability to charge itself and even an air quality sensor.

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Anbot measures just 149cm tall and weighs in at 78kg boasting a top speed of 11mph. The black and white bot started work on 17th Feb and is charged with scanning faces and passing on information that is deemed necessary. The robot is also used during the evening where it can patrol and report crimes, fires or emergencies.

We wonder if this wheeled Robocop is just the start of a new wave or robotic emergency workers and ask just how long it will take before similar machines are armed and given more Policing powers.

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