Scientific Breakthrough: Robots Can Now Smell

robots can smell

A Tel Aviv University research team has created a game-changing innovation in the field of robotics. They created a robot that can recognize ten different odors, making it the first robot in the world to do so. Furthermore, there will be special cameras and microphones later this year, contesting human sight and sound. They may even perform better than human eyes and ears.

So far, technology has enhanced a lot, mainly in these recent years. But the human nose is yet to be formed. It has carried millions of years to enhance receptors and make them perfect.

Besides this, living things use these receptors to recognize smells. Scientists have achieved success in identifying smells using robots. And guess what? Nature has enabled scientists to create something new.

Robots: The Future of Scent Detection

As per a recent study, a group of researchers from Israel manages to make this innovation. Researchers at Tel Aviv University created a robot. The robot can recognize smells with 10,000 times more sensitivity than other electronics.

They are defining this product as a biohybrid platform. The platform has a set of antennae. The antennae use desert locusts and create an electrical signal when a smell is detected. This electronic system is linked to the locusts. Thus, the device measures the amount of electrical signal.

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Researchers have paired the robot with an algorithm. It enables robots to illustrate the smell using signal output. The said robot can easily distinguish between eight odors. In the future, smelling in robots can come handy in multiple industries, especially in the oil and gas field, where H2S causes yearly casualties.

These odors may include geranium, lemon, and marzipan. There are also two mixtures of other smells. Scientists think that their machine can detect explosives and drugs. Moreover, smell-detecting robots may be available shortly.

Tel Aviv University releases a YouTube video. The video claims that their innovation is a robot. Also, it is a scientific first. Yet, some researchers talked about the same system a few years ago. It uses revised locusts for the detection of cancer cells.

We can only hope for something incredibly useful for agricultural purposes. These new breakthroughs in the Robotic industry are going to make life easier and for sure the world a safe place to live on.

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