Chuwi Ilife V5 is a $100 intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner

If you, like me, are usually lazy about maintaining the house (read: cleaning up), what you read next will be music to your ears.

Chuwi’s Ilife V5, a US$100 gadget, is what the company calls an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with sensors and such which mean that you can go about doing your merry business while the robot cleans around.

According to the listing, the Ilife can be used for spaces up to 150 square meters. It comes with a 2600mAh battery along which gives it a 2 hour working time, with a noise rating of 55dB.


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1437445145773-P-2851882There’s also an array of sensors which ensure that the device doesn’t fall down, say from a tabletop, and damage itself.  Of course, there are some limitations as well, including a climbing ability of 15-degrees at max.

The Chuwi Ilife V5 can also be controlled with an IR remote. You can find more information about the product on reseller site Gearbest where it is on sale for US$105.

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  1. lullo
    September 10, 2015

    not even this shit competes my wife in cleaning shit!

  2. Francis Sim
    September 13, 2015

    The item is $105 and the shipping is over $100 as well.