ALLDOCUBE Introduces World’s First Eye-care Childhood Education Robot


We already have the ALLDOCUBE brand firmly planted in our minds as the tablet/laptop makers, who are currently pumping out to the market some pretty interesting products. Like the Super AMOLED tablet launched on Indiegogo, Android Oreo piece with 4G LTE support and 2K display – ALLDOCUBE M5, the little brother M5S or the KNote X convertible with Gemini Lake N4100 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD disk and backlit keyboard.

But the company has no intention to stop right there and this time they suprised us with something completely different. Meet the ALLDOCUBE BABY – the world’s first eye-care childhood education robot.

ALLDOCUBE BABY is an intelligent service robot designed specifically for commercial use in education industries. The device has attractive appearance to kids, and it’s small enough for them to hold in hands.

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The advanced AI robot offers companion services, educational materials for kids, communication, and online entertainment for the whole family at home. It provides a very personalized and beneficial solution to those parents who are overworked most of the time by keeping the toddlers company.

It’s capable of IBM AI voice recognition, has big data supported and cloud-enabled. It can be interactive, like a playmate to your babies, on subjects like weather, songs, stories and other knowledgeable facts etc in English language, which will do a great help to initiate your kid’s language-learning abilities.

The robot can be controlled via an Android or iOS app, where has stored lots of children’s songs and it can read bedtime stories to your kids. The robot has no screen but two smart LED eyes, it has no radiation so you can trust your kid’s safety around it, of course, it’s eye-protective.

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