Rumour: Xiaomi Mi4 to feature MiOS instead of Android

Rumour: Xiaomi Mi4 to feature MiOS instead of Android


The Chinese tech industry moves far to quickly! Less than a week after the Xiaomi Mi3 launch, rumour of the Xiaomi Mi4, and a new Linux based MiOS have already surfaced!

According to insiders at Xiaomi, the Beijing phone maker has been working on it’s own Linux-based operating system since April this year. Internally known as MiOS, the new system is similar to Google’s Chrome in that it is browser-based, suggesting that it could run on phones, TV’s, tablets and even netbooks in the future.

Employees at the company even claim that MiOS is undergoing tests in a next generation Android phone which could eventually become the Xiaomi Mi4!

Xiaomi phones now run on a heavily customised version of Android named MIUI. As standard MIUI comes striped of all Google services and apps (although they can easily be installed) and even runs Xiaomi’s own App Store. The idea of MiOS is a very exciting one, but unless it is going to be compatible with Android applications, we feel it might be to much of a challenge even for the mighty Xiaomi!

What do you think of the idea of MiOS? Would you be happy to but in to a new OS, or do you think it is risky business?

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  • yoavst

    no android apps = xiaomi sucks

  • Simon

    If its not compatible with Android, it will be a big loss.

  • would b great hope tehre wil b no ads and hope realeases asap wan a xiaomi Phone with 4 gb ram

  • I’m sure it’ll be based on Android. They’ve started calling the Mi3 as Miphone 3, and now their OS as MiOS. Bye bye.

  • If there will be no ads in the game store, and wil have 4 gb ram and 128 rom im intrested !

    Hope it wil rule on all aspects

  • Simon

    If is it not Android based, then surely that will affect sales of Mi3 at least to international buyers, no point getting used to the Mi3 and then finding out that Mi4 is based on a different OS that is alien to Android.

  • Simon

    Hopefully MiOS is their new skin of android and perhaps the next evolution or branch of MIUI (as they created MIUI in the first place).

  • slazher

    Is that the same concept of Sailfish OS or that Jolla thing that could run android apps and games?

  • jasneskis

    I think it is a risky business, but all business start ups are very risky at the start. Changes are also risky. I like not having google on everything as I don’t like their intrusiveness. I do wonder about having ready availability of apps and some of the play store easily obtainable entertainment/educational programs. Will a lot of these things be compatible? easily adaptqable? Most were written for present android/linux OS.

  • Xiaolu

    Please, double boot Android MIUI v6 & Ubuntu Kylin ! ! !

    Will have the ease of use of MIUI ROM & the power of a desktop replacement when docked (display via MHL/HDMI + keyboard and mouse)

    • Xiaolu

      I mean “Ubuntu for phones” Chinese version (Kylin → 麒麟)

      • Simon

        Is the Ubuntu Edge phone still on course for manufacture ?

        • Xiaolu

          No mate… defo cancelled! 🙁

          I dream on a Xiaomi-Ubuntu phone, but it’s kind an illusion since Xiaomi customizes its creations with MIUI and would be a barrier to Ubuntu for Android environment. A shame… Hopefully other phone makers (Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo?) eventually will join the project (free software with AMAZING capabilities)…

          • Plus the fact that they don’t release the source code

  • learn from samsung and the failure of their ‘tyson’ OS, KO-ed even before entering the ring! android takes part in ur success xiaomi, dont leave the android planet, BEWARE!

    if ur planning to go international i suggest stick with android unless it is not free anymore…if u have to make ur own OS, u have to make it compatible with android apps n games, android is the king of mobile OS, dont forget that! and make a deal with the local telecommunication operator in each country where u sell ur products, to enable the users to buy premium themes and other contents by carier billing method…the users pay from their phones’s balance…

    u can do it xiaomi, spread the magic!

  • Akhil

    No wonder. This is why Xiaomi hired Hugo Barra.

  • anony

    Unless they have the backing of someone or something that is equally powerful, there’s no way they could match Android which is already deeply rooted to billion of devices and people.

    • Louisclub

      haven’t Android VP Hugo Barra just quitted android to join Xiaomi, like 2 weeks ago?

      • anony

        By “powerful” I mean something with lots and lots of money to market and push the ill-fated MiOS.

        Even MS and their seemingly unlimited pocket (lol not really) barely put a dent on Android dominance for example.

        • Ace

          That’s because microsoft went full-on stupid by gimping iOS with squares – you couldnt not get apps from third party sources , and in general is very bad from a features standpoint, not to mention that the way it handles audio is horrible.

          MiOS on the other hand is linux , as is android, the problem with android though is that it’s using dalvik VM and that makes it the only reason it’s said to be less smooth than iOS. What Xiaomi is probably aiming to do is add that thread-dedicated-to-updating-the-screen thing with another solution that does not rely on dalvik.

          That said, android applications are going to be compatible throughout anything that can run dalvik (Basically everything that’s linux)

  • Simon

    Amen to that Anony 🙂

  • gothikserpent

    now a days an os without access to a huge library of apps can pretty much expect to be left behind or simply perish!!I
    If android apps can be supported then hell yes!!!

    • Louisclub

      if its a OS that share the same user interface architechture, and also is compatible with android apps. whats the difference with any other custom android rom?

  • roni24

    its about time……

  • David

    If you can dual-boot both Android and MiOS then it’s okay, but if they want to go with their MiOS for international buyers they are creamed – and they have stated they want to expand internationally.

    Their appstore is basically for the Chinese market.
    To build up a relevant international app store takes many years, just ask the Windows Phone team.

  • Simon

    Mind you think about it:

    MIUI = MI User Interface (At a guess)

    MIOs = MI Operating System

    MIOs must be an evolution of MIUI, so if MiOs does come come there will be nothing to worry about (hopefully).

  • liljohn

    ok, ok, i’m with u xiaomi, bring it on, the mios, as long as i can play angry birds, i dont mind! 🙂

    the mios must be compatible with google play…

  • jasneskis

    Wasn’t Samsung working on its own operating system too. We’ll have the apple system, windows, android, Samsung and MiOS. I would hope they might all be compatible or there may be too many small fragmented OS without any being as good as it could have been if all used and improved on one generic operating system. Google?

  • arkhit

    I am from India.. extend the support here too.