Rumour: Xiaomi Mi4 to feature MiOS instead of Android

The Chinese tech industry moves far to quickly! Less than a week after the Xiaomi Mi3 launch, rumour of the Xiaomi Mi4, and a new Linux based MiOS have already surfaced!

According to insiders at Xiaomi, the Beijing phone maker has been working on it’s own Linux-based operating system since April this year. Internally known as MiOS, the new system is similar to Google’s Chrome in that it is browser-based, suggesting that it could run on phones, TV’s, tablets and even netbooks in the future.

Employees at the company even claim that MiOS is undergoing tests in a next generation Android phone which could eventually become the Xiaomi Mi4!

Xiaomi phones now run on a heavily customised version of Android named MIUI. As standard MIUI comes striped of all Google services and apps (although they can easily be installed) and even runs Xiaomi’s own App Store. The idea of MiOS is a very exciting one, but unless it is going to be compatible with Android applications, we feel it might be to much of a challenge even for the mighty Xiaomi!

What do you think of the idea of MiOS? Would you be happy to but in to a new OS, or do you think it is risky business?

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