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Every year we hope things are going to change, but time and time again the Chinese tech companies slip into the same paths as before. …

2015 is well underway and we have seen some important steps that are driving the Chinese smartphone industry forward, but what is going to be the real game change for 2015?

Dakele will soon be launching a new flagship phone with industry leading camera with Macro mode which puts the iPhone 5S and Note 3 to shame.

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Chinese industry analysts Pan Jiutang has posted that HTC will be launching smartphones running 8-core Mediatek processors.

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Digitimes is reporting that the HTC One 2 (or HTC M8) and the LG G3, the upcoming flagship phones from the device manufacturers are reportedly …

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While the flagship Vivo Xplay 3S continues to grab the limelight, another device from the same company, this time a Mediatek powered one, makes an appearance.

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The Chinese 8-core era is upon us and after a few launches industry insiders are already trying to predict what the future will hold. Could it be $130 8-core phones?

The Chinese phone industry has boomed over the past year, here are some of the biggest trends of the Chinese phone industry in 2013!

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The Chinese tech industry moves far to quickly! Less than a week after the Xiaomi Mi3 launch, rumour of the Xiaomi Mi4 have already surfaced!

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Xiaomi are the darlings of China’s tech and mobile industry. Customers are calling out for them to go global and it appears they are listening!

For one of the larger domestic phone manufactures, Amoi have been rather quiet on about their new quad-core phone however after a little digging we …

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There is no doubt in my mind that Chinese phone brands will rule the international phone market in a few years, but before they have …

It seems that there is a new Android smart phone, or knock off cell phone being released everyday, well actually the numbers are a little …

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  That’s right the biggest electronics show dedicated to Apple enters China for the first time and will open it’s doors tomorrow (22nd Sept 11).

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  Reuters has posted an interesting piece giving details about Foxconn’s Longhua facility, which, according to the descriptions sounds like a self contained, and self …

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Two thirds of the total staff have were laid off last month and several of the executives have also left their posts.

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Chinese business were warned on Sunday of a highly sophisticated cyber weapon know as Stuxnet. The cyber worm has been designed to infiltrate Siemens supervisory …

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If I had $1 for every phone subscriber in China I would have $1.13 Billion ! China now not only boasts the fastest growing auto …

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Chang An’s Ben Ben Mini officially becomes the cheapest car on the Chinese market, and it looks good to boot!

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