Xiaomi heading to North America in 2014?

Xiaomi are the darlings of China’s tech and mobile industry. Customers are calling out for them to go global and it appears they are listening!

Chinese Android phones are in a league of their own. The speed of development, the ideas and most of all the prices are all driving sales through the roof. However the main issue for many a fan is that Chinese phone makers create their products for the local market and have no desire to release their wares elsewhere.

Xiaomi could be different! The Beijing based phone start-up have already done what no other Chinese phone maker has done, design and manufacture high-end products at low prices and even put some hurt on the larger names, and now it looks like they are almost ready to spread their wings and head for pastures new.

Xiaomi have already launched their phones in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but according to Tech in Asia, Xiaomi could be looking to launch online sales of their products in North America!

If this is true Xiaomi will be able to offer a range of Android smartphones, a tablet, Android TV box, Smart TV and even possibly a Xiaomi laptop by the time they arrive in America!

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