China Has Produced 620 million phones this year!!

It seems that there is a new Android smart phone, or knock off cell phone being released everyday, well actually the numbers are a little more staggering than that as China’s Ministry of Industry and Information technology have released some amazing statistics!

Chinese mobile phone market, especially the smart phone sector, is booming! Not only are the majority of all foreign phone manufacturers based here in China, but China also has a few 1000 of its own home-grown phone companies.

So basically what I’m saying is there are a lot of phones being made in China! but just how many phones are made in China each year?

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Well according to the Ministry of Industry and Information technology China’s mobile phone production has grown this year by 3.4% or in numbers we can make sense of, China has made 620 million phones this year!

The growth isn’t just in mobile phones either, as Chinese companies manufacturing any form of telecom equipment are enjoying a booster year with an overall growth of over 17% in telecoms equipment with a total value estimated at $108 billion!

Of that which is manufactured here in China more than 50% is made for export to other markets and exports themselves are up by more than 20%!

So if you are in the phone industry either designing the nest Android super phone or making simple Android apps, China looks to be te place to be!


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