Oppo N1 Teaser Trailer round up – what do you make of it?

A complete look at the current official Oppo N1 teaser videos, take a close look have we missed anything?

Oppo have been very proactive in the promotion and leaks surrounding the Oppo N1. They have created a number of N1 teasers ranging from controversial images to cryptic videos.

Of the two mediums the images have been more giving and have provided interesting tidbits about the new handset including the fact it will incorporate a rear touch panel, feature a 5.9-inch display and boast external lens attachments.

oppo n1 rear touch

The Oppo N1 teaser videos on the other hand have been less forth coming with new information.

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Below we have embedded the 4 current Oppo N1 videos in order, take a look at them back to back. Are there any hidden messages or clues about this large screen, camera phone? or are they as bizarre as they seem?

Oppo N1 teaser video 1

Oppo N1 teaser video 2

Oppo N1 teaser video 3

Oppo N1 teaser video 4

Is there anything we’re missing from these videos? What do you make of Oppo’s N1 marketing strategy? Let us know below.

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  1. GKako
    September 15, 2013

    Robin,teaser video 3+4 are the same!

  2. Praveen
    September 15, 2013

    Oppo claims to have 5.9 inch screen but even in spy pics and last teaser, a portion of screen at the bottom is too big for soft keys or hard keys. What do you guys make of it?

  3. Ace
    September 15, 2013

    First trailer to convey the camera’s awesomeoness.
    Second and third to convince that the phone is precision crafted and has tight QC
    Fourth to tease screen size and say that it’s made with care.