Where to Buy Android Tablets Safely From China

buy ainol novo from china,where to buy ainol elf from china,where to buy android tablet china,safe way to order android tablet china,how to buy android tablet chinaWe report on a lot of Android devices here on Gizchina, and a large number of those are Android tablets which you want to buy! Here is how you can find a safe place to buy cheap Android tablets from China!So you have been reading Gizchina for a few years, and like me you are pretty amazed by how Chinese Android tablets have changed over the past months.

buy android tablet china,how to buy android tablet china,buy android cutepad,where to buy android tablet chinaSub $100 Android tablets running the latest Android Ice-cream Sandwich OS are common place and for just a little more some companies are offering Android Tablets with great designs and fantastic specifications (some even look like iPad 2’s!).

Now that you have your heart set on purchasing one of the many Android Tablet from China how do you go about doing it?

Step One Choose The Tablet You Want

buy ainol novo 7 elf,where to buy ainol novo elf china,safe play to buy ainol android tablet,how to buy ainol android tablet chinaIt sounds obvious but really shop around and do your homework before buying an Android tablet from China, we say this not because of quality (although there are still some dodgy tablets out there) but because you could be waiting 2-3 weeks for your tablet to arrive, and after such a wait you going to want something worthwhile arriving in the mail.

Step 2 Choosing The Safest Android Seller

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So now you have chosen to buy an Aino ELF Tablet, Novo 7, Onda Android tablet, Cutepad, or Haipad what next? Well you are going to want to find a trusted seller, there are a few ways you can find out if a Chinese Android seller is trustworthy or not such as:

  • Do they accept PayPal? Doing so is a good sign.
  • Do they have an Ebay shop? Again a good sign, and a way to track the seller.
  • Are websites actively promoting a store and receiving no negative comments? At Gizchina we recommend you to purchase your Android Tablets and other device through Android-sale.com. We have mentioned them in numerous posts have had personal dealings with them and to this date they have been a great, proactive, safe, and supportive seller of Android Tablets from China.
  • Do a Google search of the online store you plan to buy your tablet from, chances are that anyone who has had a negative experience will have made their story heard online via a forum or comments section in a website.
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Step 3 Delivery

buy grefu m97 tablet,where to buy grefu ipad 2 clone,android tabelts china,buy android tabelt chinaNow your tablet has been chosen, you have found a safe seller in China to buy your new Android tablet from, and you have made a Payment to them via Paypal and you are waiting for your device to arrive.

Be aware that it may take anywhere from 7 days to 30 days for your Android tablet to arrive from China, and once it arrives you may have to pay an import duty or tax (a good seller should be able to provide details of this when your order).

You will also want to get a tracking code for your Android tablet to so you can keep an eye on how the delivery is going at each part of it’s long journey.

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We are not saying this is all there is to choosing a safe online store to order your Android tablet from China, but these steps plus your own common sense should help keep any risks to a minimum.

If you have had any good or bad experiences with Android Tablet sellers, vendors or stores from China, please let us know in the comments section below.


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