Xiaomi considering to work on modular phone similar to “Project Ara”

project ara
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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirms that his company have discussed the possibility of producing a modular phone system similar to Motorola’s “Project Ara”.

Recently Motorola announced that their “Project Ara”, a modular phone design which allows you to build and upgrade your phone with easy to connect hardware, is ‘almost ready’. But they might not be the only ones working on such an innovative device!

Xiaomi CEO. Lei Jun has commented on his official Weibo account that Xiaomi have already discussed the possibility of such a phone and are now weighing the possibilities of developing their own rival design! Of course talking about such a phone and actually producing one are two totally different matters, but at least the idea is on the cards!

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  • yogicube

    Now thats some good news to my eyes….

    • rightpath

      Just wait, it’ll be good news to your wallet too.

  • thereekly

    Go China GO! Beat clumsy and directionless Motorola.

    • werewolfc

      I think if the chinese are puting their heads togheter and ambition, they could release one before Moto does. I think it’s gonna be crappy, but hey? who cares?!? and probably after few months they will release 2nd generation… and so on, until they will have a polished product.
      i don’t see Moto any time soon releasing a product based on this design…. unfortunatley.

  • Michael Ogbonnaya

    I really wish they can turn this idea into reality.

  • http://pixelpaperskin.com/ Hoang Cao Nghia

    Why not just join them… like how olympus and panasonic form the MFT system (now with blackmagic also jumped in)?

  • rembrant

    the main disadvantage of modular phones is that design is always the same.

    • yogicube

      Oh Really
      Look at samsung and lg phones 4years ago and now
      get the picture?
      How much have any of the phones changed in design
      Yet you pay 500$ with ur eyes closed
      How hypocratic is dat.
      atlest modular design is in infant stage,
      Give it some time.

  • http://www.multicorechina.com/ Multicorechina.com

    Phonebloks is better! ;)

    • heh

      phoneblock doesnt even exist how do you compare the two?

      • http://www.multicorechina.com/ Multicorechina.com

        Oh yeah I forgot….Xiaomi modular phone is available on stores already! (sarcasm)

        • heh

          what is it that you are trying to say really??

          • http://www.multicorechina.com/ Multicorechina.com

            I’m trying to say that this a proof of incremental innovation…not disruptive. Or..in other words..is just phonebloks idea..rebranded with Xiaomi logo, different color and tweaked size.

            Go disruptive..just as Elon Musk with his hiperloop…we should be manufacturing wearable smartphones…why is everybody going ‘incremental’…same phone year after year with minor differences. Look at Apple…same phone every single year with minor hardware changes and ‘upgrades’…

            Anyways..don’t want to start an Apple vs Android battle..was just an example.

            Xiaomi has a true potential of dying of success.