Huawei Honor 3C Records 1.5 Million Reservations in 36 Hours

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Huawei’s upcoming budget phone, the Honor 3C is gathering a record amount of attention in China after being put up for reservations earlier this week. In a short 36 hours the sub 800 CNY phone (131 USD, 96 EUR) received 1.5 million reservations.

Reservations are not always indicative of true sales however, as they do not require a commitment to buy or a down payment, but instead just put the buyer in a virtual line to get the device.

The Huawei Honor 3C comes with a 5-inch 720×1280 screen, the Mediatek MT6582 chip set with a quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU, an 8MP back facing camera, a 5MP front facing camera, 4GB of expandable on device storage and comes in both 1GB and 2GB of RAM models (for an extra 200 CNY).

The Huawei Honor 3C will accept reservations until Christmas day. It is expected to launch the same day with the Huawei Honor 3X, the 3C‘s more powerful and expensive cousin which includes an octa-core processor.

While the reservations are not necessarily a commitment to buy, it is hard to imagine the 3C being anything but a huge hit. We will keep you up to date with the latest information.

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A devoted Android junkie and freelance technology journalist, Ian has been a technology and gaming enthusiast starting at a very young age. Always looking to use technology to save a buck, his interest in Chinese devices started to blossom last year with aims to get more value for his dollar. Follow him on twitter @iandemartino or visit his blog

  • BoRiZ82

    When will available version WCDMA+GSM for Europe?

    • Hasibur Rahman Chowdhury

      Yes same question. I checked vmall. It’s saying it’s TD SCDMA version.

      • Fox-News

        Will be out eventually. They have to first satisfy the huge market in China before they release it elsewhere.

  • dwayn

    game changer when released internationally

    • Simon

      If you had a choice between this phone & the iNew V3, which would you choose and why ?

      • Iggy

        Good question! Probably i would go for huawei for a number of reasons (better build quality, larger battery ) but its not available yet and we need to see hands on , on both the devices….

        • Simon

          Huawei is a known brand, so we would be “safe” with its devices, i’m just itching to try a chinese brand and it does look amazing. Hopefully the GizChina Team will get one to conduct a video review of.

      • Eilon

        I choose V3 because of the camera and the 16GB internal memory.

        And remember that the international price of this one will be at least 150$.

        • Markoff

          Huawei is sold in proper shops abroad unlike some ICrap

      • Markoff

        Huawei is releasing updates for their phones, while I’ve never heard about company iNew, these companies come and go, forget about ever getting firmware update with CN noname unless there is good community around

  • Frank Wu

    I m interested! Pls point to the link where I can preorder this smartphone….tks

    • Hasibur Rahman Chowdhury

      Check in vmall . com though it’s only TD version and website is in chinese.

  • Zeca

    Ian, where we can buy Honor 3X?

  • bartok

    I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Markoff

    so summed – better specs than Xiaomi Hongmi for same price with real Android OS and coming from real company which can deliver real products and not just promises and hype for months, go Huawei go… would prefer to buy this for sure over crappy Xiaomi falling apart after few hours, no proper Android and no real availability…

  • Zeca

    Tks. Very nice!