Meizu holding an international MX3 giveaway!

meizu MX2
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Meizu are planning to celebrate the entrance to the U.S market by holding an international giveaway with FREE Meizu MX3 phones up for grabs!

On Meizu’s new international Twitter account the company have announced that they will be giving away MX3 phones to fans around the globe. Chinese sites have also picked up on the story but appear to have mistaken the plural of MX3 (MX3s) to mean an updated version of the 8-core Android phone will be on offer.

Meizu have recently dropped the price of the MX3 in China at an very tempting starting price of just 2199 Yuan ($362) for the entry-level 16GB version and just 2399 Yuan for the NFC equipped 32GB version ($395), and will be showing their phones off at CES in 2014.

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  • Michael Ogbonnaya

    Hmm … am I ever gonna get my hands on this bad boy?