Purported: iPhone 6 metal frame caught on camera!

iphone 6 leaked metal frame
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Rumours of a larger iPhone have been doing the rounds for some time but these photos are the first time that purported physical proof of a larger iPhone 6 has come forward.

Chinese site Ctech have posted these images of what insiders are claiming to be of the metal chassis from the next generation iPhone 6. According to sources who have had the metal frame in their hands, the new phone could have a display of up to 4.7-inch.

Apple are know for their update cycles which usually has the company launch an all new phone every 2 years with slight updates in-between. As we didn’t see much of a physical change between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S the iPhone 6 should be the phone that ushers in a change!

What do you think of a larger iPhone? Is it too little too late?

[ Weibo ]

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    If it is 4.7 the bezels are big