Suspected leaked photo of the Oppo Find 7 shows purple body

oppo find 7 spy photo
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Could this be the first leaked photo of the Oppo Find 7? Timing sure is about right, but is this purple phone really the flagship Oppo phone.

We have been waiting months for a leaked photo of the Oppo Find 7 to appear, but now one has finally come forward we aren’t to convinced it is the real thing. This photo sent to us earlier by an annoymous source is rumoured to be of the 5.5-inch Oppo Find 7. As with most leaked photos the image doesn’t show us much detail other than the purple rear and position of the camera.

But is this really the first look at the Oppo Find 7 or a leaked photo of the mystery Oppo R8007 which was recenlty revealed on the Antutu database running a Qualcomm processor? Whatever the device is it surely is a mystery, at least for now.

What do you think of this purported Oppo Find 7 photo? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Lz OPPO

    Find 7 ? No !!! I think this is OPPO Find 5 Mini With purple Color . This is OPPO R827

    • Andi Sykes

      Camera looks to small compared to the overall size. Has the same design as the R827 though. Stil I agree I don’t think this will be the Find 7.

      • Ragnen

        All the dimensions of the phone in the photo are identical to the R827 though, I just checked :)

      • Lz OPPO

        Yeah . I’m sure this is R827 because we have seen 4 color : Glamour Red , Purple , White & Midnight . If this is Find 7 , this will be the disappointed . Sorry for my Eng xD

  • Guest

    or actually the photo that was taken is the find 7.

  • wayne900

    or actually the phone that took the photo is the find 7… ???

  • Bhimavarapu Rajasekharreddy

    sony mobile with oppo logo