64GB Xiaomi Mi3 Snapdragon 800 available for international buyers, at a price!

Xiaomi mi3 64GB
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This week Xiaomi had a quite roll out of 64GB version of the WCDMA Snapdragon 800 phone. Unlike most Xiaomi launches the top of the range Mi3 is already available through resellers.

Xiaomi promised the 64GB Xiaomi Mi3 last year at the launch of the Mi3 in Beijing. Fans have waited for months now, some believing it would never go on sale, but finally the phone is now on sale. The Xiaomi Mi3 64GB packs a 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 mega-pixel main camera, 3150mAh batter and NFC.

Chinese reseller, SPEmall are one of the first online stores to offer the WCDMA version of the 64GB Xiaomi Mi3 internationally and have even created a discount code for GizChina readers: GIZ3%OFF. The store says they have 200 dark grey versions of the flagship phone available for immediate delivery.

More details can be found on the SPEmall website.

Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!
  • Simon

    Can someone explain under what circumstances you would actually require a 64 GB smartphone ?

    • wacky

      When you dont have a car and you have to use public transportation alot so you need a lot of media (music/movies) i for example am on publix transportation 3 hours a day so my 32gb mi2s isnt enough.

      • Simon

        Sounds good. Do you use OTG – USB to get the extra storage ?

        • Carlos

          Do you carry together with your phone a pendrive all day?
          I don’t know…I prefer 64 Xiaomi 64gb.

          • Simon

            Carlos I don’t have any need for that amount of storage. I was asking wacky what he currently does for storage with his Mi2S because he stated it isn’t enough. Obviously if I needed the GBs then I would certainly buy. I think you misinterpreted my question.

      • john

        I like take pic and video anywhere, the flie is too big so the 64GB is best for me. so i do not have to move the files so frecquently

    • mrsnaki

      Lots of porn.

    • TerrorSpawn

      Seriously? You can’t think of anything?

      • Simon

        I wouldn’t have bothered asking the question if I could think of such: In terms of music you can stream from Google Play Music, SoundCloud etc. I would never watch movies on a phone, so would have no use for that.

        • dmmobile2012

          Simon, please do NOT push your own personal taste to others… it’s annoying! I love big RAM, big internal storage, 64 GB is cool, and support for expansion slot, another 64 GB is great!

          If you like to live with 4GB storage there are plenty cheap low-end models.

          It’s up to my likeness whatever files i’d like to shove into the 64-gb and beyond…

          • Simon

            I wasn’t trying to do that. If you like to have everything on your phone, then thats fair enough :)

          • Simon

            10GBs is sufficient at present :)

  • Lurk

    The time of the Mi3 is over. It’s way too big for todays 5″-competitors.

    • Simon

      I thought it was 5 inches ?

  • Lucky

    Dark Grey = Black? It is the way the phone is listed on Spemall. They also have a silver version, so I suppose that the dark grey is black. Can anyone confirm?

    • john

      the pic show on the spemall website is dark grey, it is almost black. but the xiaomi factory name it as dark grey. till now there only dark grey= black available

  • Simon

    Alex I have no requirement for a 64GB smartphone, so I don’t think its a silly question, if other people need greater than 32GBs and 64GBs is the only option then fair enough. Like you said in the above paragraph – maybe you are a hoarder, I am not

  • Simon

    Also thanks very much for your detailed explanation above, even though it was pretty much to do with computer storage.

  • Simon

    Just to clarify, the reason I asked the question, is because I couldn’t really see how anyone in this present day & age would need to carry greater than 32GBs worth of files on their phones. If you do need it, then that cool. It was out of interest that I asked, and what type of files you would be carrying.

    • Jan Horák

      ROM + Reserve = 5GB
      Navigation with full maps – 5 GB
      5 Games (GTA:SA like) – 5* 2GB = 10 GB
      Bunch of apps: 5 GB
      60 song Albums – 10 GB
      5 Full HD films: 5*4GB = 20GB
      1000 Photos : 5 GB

      Yea, and the 60GB are out…

      • Simon

        Excellent summation of your needs.

      • Allanitomwesh

        Maybe you should you know,watch movies on the TV.

  • Teemu Tammisalo

    for Anyone asking about “who needs 64gb of ROM?”: the price difference between the 32 and 64 gb memories is so little there is no need to make 16, 32 and 64 gb versions. The price difference on some sites are just 50-60$ for 16 and 64 gb versions. And how could a little more space hurt you? It’s not the pricing like on Apple for 16 –> 32 is 100$ more and from 32 –> 64 is 100$ more