Xiaomi Tablet leaked photos, looks a lot like the iPad mini

xiaomi tablet leaked
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Again with the Xiaomi tablet leaks, only this one actually looks more like a tablet and less of a Magic Trackpad.

With the sheer number of ‘insider’ reports, leaked photos (like these) and other rumours, it seems we are no longer waiting to see ‘if’ Xiaomi will launch an Android tablet but ‘when’ will they launch it.

xiaomi tablet leaked

Original leaks came late last year even before the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi3, even with so much time passing details of the purported tablet haven’t changed much. According to the latest leak the Mipad will be similar in design to the iPad mini, and feature either a plastic or metal body, 720p display, and Snapdragon 400 chipset giving the device 4G LTE! An Adreno GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 8 mega-pixel rear camera and Android 4.3 make up the rest of the specs.

xiaomi tablet leaked

If pricing is competitive, and there is no reason it shouldn’t be, the Xiaomi tablet could conquer the Chinese tablet market with ease!

Xiaomi are going to be holding a press conference and launch a mystery new device on the 23rd April in Beijing, will they also launch a tablet? Lets wait and see!

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  • OnlyMe999

    only 720p? Was hoping it would be 1200p or atleast 900p

    • Damien Thirriard

      yep 720p should be not that good, I hope for a bigger screen than 7 inches.

  • Muckpuck

    Snapdragon processors are never that good for the pricing.. I would have hoped for the newly announced MediaTek 4G-integrated processor instead. And also, 720p is a little to low-res for 2014.

  • Yury

    Yes, chinese tablets are shit… like pipo, chuwi, ainol.
    So xiaomi can beat them all very easily.

  • Sere83

    Hope those specs are seriously wrong, sounds horribly underpowered.

  • liljohn

    The screen shjould be 8″ FHD and snapdragon 600 should be powering it….

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  • Freeje

    I thought Xiaomi is known for devices with high specs but affordable prices?

  • CocaColaManager

    Dragon 400?! hahah walking by it