With a 5300mAh battery, the Philips W6618 is the king of endurance smartphones!

Slowly but surely, we’re starting to see OEMs pay heed to consumers demand for smartphones with significantly better battery life. These OEMs have largely been Chinese in the past (Huawei Ascend Mate, Eton Raytheon, etc.), but other, major manufacturers such as Philips seem keen on jumping on to the endurance bandwagon.

One such device that packs a above average capacity battery is the Philips W6618. The device, surprisingly, was launched in China with a 1699 Yuan ($273) price tag in China some time back with a humongous 5300mAh battery. This even puts the 5000mAh unit on the Eton Raytheon to shame!

Manufacturers are generally able to pack larger capacity batteries when they aren’t meant to be user-replaceable, which is the case with the Philips W6618 as well. The company claims that the device can withstand up to 66 days (more than two months!) of standby, 33 hours of talkime (it wasn’t specified if it is 2G or 3G).

Other internals on the device remind you of the average ‘Hongmi killer’ we keep talking about here on GizChina. This includes a 1.3GHz MediaTek quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of on-board storage and a microSD slot for further expansion, all beneath a 5-inch qHD screen. The 1.3GHz frequency suggests the device will rock an MT6582, which isn’t known to be the best when it comes to power management. We can only imagine how much more the device could’ve been made to last with a more power considerate SoC!

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