Are we finally going to see a Xiaomi tablet on 23rd April?

mystery xiaomi april 23

For a company as large and famous as Xiaomi, they have been experts at keeping their new products under wraps! Today a new image appears of a mystery device, one we hope will be a Xiaomi tablet!

For months now we have heard rumours of a Xiaomi tablet, but so far nothing larger than the 5.5-inch Xiaomi Redmi has launched, so could 23rd April be any different? Today Xiaomi posted the above image on their Weibo, it says something unexpected will launch on the 23rd April but what it is exactly is not mentioned.

Af first glance the device appears to be similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad, but as Xiaomi don’t really deal with PC accessories (bar their router) we don’t think this is what it is going to be.

lenovo yoga tablet
Lenovo Yoga Tablet

So could this be the fabled Xiaomi tablet? Well the design is similar to the Lenovo Yoga 8 Android tablet, with the bulge being a great support for the main screen and a hand place for a large battery pack.

Then again this could be the design for their new router which has been rumoured about over the past few days, or even a new Xiaomi phone! What do you think this mystery device will be?

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