Revealing OnePlus One Images Leak

We already got our first look at the OnePlus One phone, courtesy of some leaked images of its box and motherboard, but now we are getting a better look at some other pieces of the phone, albeit not exactly put together.

Leaker extraordinaire @evleaks has posted images of the highly anticipated device, unfortunately it is in a few pieces. Still, this is probably the best look we have gotten at the phone to date.


The same motherboard that leaked yesterday(with a little better look at the fancy OnePlus logo) has popped is included in the shot, but the images also give us a great look at the OnePlus One’s 5.5 inch HD screen and 13 MP camera.

As Twitter commenters were quick to point out, the phone does share some resemblance to the Find 7, not exactly surprising considering that OnePlus was founded by former Oppo executives. We won’t be able to tell how far the resemblance between the two phones goes until we get a better look at the device all put together. One thing is clear though, OnePlus is aiming squarely for a high class device, despite its $400 price point.

There is a lot of hype associated with the OnePlus One. Can it live up to it? We will likely find out on April 23rd, when the device is set to be officially revealed.

[Photo Credit: @evleaks]
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