Vphone S8 will be the smallest touch smartphone in the world

Vphone S8 will be the smallest touch smartphone in the world

Vphone S8 will be the smallest touch smartphone in the world


If you think the current generation of mobile phones can offer only the big oversized devices, then maybe we have something for you today. Vphone S8 takes it to the extreme the other way with 46,7 x 37,3 x 9×9 mm dimensions and just 30g of weight. Small enough for you ?

And what about the rest of the specs ? Even with such ultra compact size it has surprisingly a touch screen display with 1,54-inch diagonal and 2.5D curved glass. It uses MT2502 processor , 64 MB RAM and 128 ROM with a microSD slot. Built-in battery has 380 mAh capacity and Vphone S8 also supports Bluetooth 4.0, USB, pedometer, heartrate monitor and has single SIM slot and FM radio.

It all looks more like a smartwatch specification list than a phone and the design also resembles oversized watch too, but still it’s a phone and allegedly even the smallest touch smartphone in the world. For more information about the Vphone S8 you can click here and check out the pictures in our gallery below.

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  • NextHype

    Only a midget can use a smartphone this small. Plus he must have good eyesight to read the small caracters. That’s max 60k potential buyers on the planet, based on the fact there is 90k midgets in the world and 30% of them have some kind of limitation of sight. Good luck with that, Vphone.

    • rimakus

      you are moron

      • NextHype

        Indeed ! I forgot midgets have big fingers and can’t type on a screen so small. My theory is collapsing.

        Thank you for your patronage, Sir.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    wtf is this shit

  • Assefa Hanson

    finally something to give those people that are complaining about 5.5 inch phones being too big

  • yy

    I love to send e-mail via this.

  • Conrad Aquilina

    As per article, what difference is there between this and one of those smartwatches taking a sim card. Absence of strap?