We’re back with another giveaway, and this time, we have a rather powerful smartphone — the UMi Plus E!

Announced a couple of months back, the UMi Plus E is perhaps the best-looking UMi phone on the market. UMi in fact call it “an affordable 6GB RAM smartphone with premium aspirations“.


Below are the specifications of the UMi Plus E as provided by the manufacturer.

  • Mediatek Helio P20 octa-core processor
  • 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • SHARP 5.5 FHD LTPS Arc Screen Display
  • SONY 4000mAh battery with PE+ Quick Charging support
  • SAMSUNG PDAF 13MP 5-Element lens main camera, 5MP front camera
  • MICROARRAY 2.1 Touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • Aerospace Class Unibody Aluminium body in Onyx black

UMi Plus E, the last flagship in 2016 from the Chinese mobile tech company UMIDIGI (formerly UMI), is on a $40 off sale at below shops for $229.99 till Feb 20th:

Participate in the giveaway

As usual, it’s really easy to participate in this giveaway. Simply follow the steps that the widget below mentions.

UMi Plus E giveaway

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  • MattD

    Well, I’ll try this time around… I’m SO curious to test the helio p20 and its battery life

  • goodwill

    To be honest Id rather have Gizchina pick the winner manually rather than using gleam. so many ghost votes whom never even really participate in conversations here suddenly showed up for for the giveaway.

    • There’s always either going to be bias or accusations thereof. That said, I know what you’re trying to say and we’ll try and set something up for the regulars. Ideas welcome!

      • MattD

        There isn’t such a feature to actually measure the posts left on the site, is it? Because I’m 100% upvoting goodwill: of all of the giveaways you made, only the first one went to an actual user of the blog, all of the others were ghosts logged only for the giveaway, and it’s a bit frustrating!

        • We’re working on one for the regulars 🙂 it’s going to be manual though, so there’ll be a lot of criticism — but we’ll take it for the regulars!

          • MattD

            Well, I think all of us “regulars” will be happy to see one of us receiving something instead of those “casuls” coming here just for the prize, nevermind if someone will occasionally kicked out of the competition for human error or such: in the end, only one could win, so it’s not big deal imho!

            PS: thanks for the effort ?

      • goodwill

        I say it because excluding this, now, the many previous giveaways requires you to write a comment and you see tons of comments from people you’ve never seen before and being me, one who likes to look at their profile history, They have history of giveaways logs on multiple websites and some is even newly created. It’s all very hacked. That’s why I don’t fancy Gleam.

        Ideas, like maybe the members can take a picture of all their gadgets together and post it at the comment box in the most creative manner, perhaps? stuff like that.

  • Ekeluo Chukwuogor

    I wonder how much more this device would cost if they’d switched the mtk p20 for SD 820. Would have been so much more appealing.
    Not that I would buy any of these hybrid dual SIM pretenders manufacturers seem so intent on shoving down customer’s throats.

    • It’s also difficult for small-time makers to get hold of high-end Qualcomm chips which is why we don’t see more of that.

  • Mahua Banerjee

    wish 2 win once !!!