Elephone S8 to Feature a Scratch Resistant Lumia Back

Elephone S8 to Feature a Scratch Resistant Lumia Back


As some of you may know, the original Elephone S7 launched with a unique plastic back cover “lumia”, which kept the prices down but gave the smartphone a nice glossy look. Lumia technology came with a drawback though, it was relatively easy to scratch. Well, it seems as Elephone have found a solution for the upcoming Elephone S8; let’s have a look.

Basically Elephone claims that the soon launching Elephone S8 will be featuring an advanced version of Lumia, which will be made through the use of eight different technologies and adding real glass to the mix to make it more scratch resistant, which also protects the battery beneath it.

If this were true, then the Elephone S8 would be more durable then similar devices which only feature full plastic backs with the glossy finish. Either way, we shall wait for them to release the device and personally review it to give our opinion on it. You can learn more about Elephone products on the company’s official website.

Do you guys think this is a big deal? Would you avoid buying a phone because of a plastic back? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Rocky Raja

    Is the technology same as Huawei? Or the same like previous Elephone S7?

  • Paul

    Wow looking so nice but won’t it get scratches? Have they made it scratch resistant??

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Only if they could find the way to make it Elephone resistant…

  • 3Dkiller

    Elephone releasing phones faster then a farmer milking his cows.