ELEPHONE S8 Black, Blue and Red Limited Edition on Video

Elephone S8

Elephone just released a very useful video (for those looking to buy an S8) over on Youtube. In said video we can see all the three Elephone S8’s released this far, with the Black, Blue and the latest Red limited edition. Let’s check them out down below.

As we can see in the video, each color can give the user a different sensation. The Black model looks more mysterious, noble and elegant, meanwhile the Blue variant is very charming, reminds of water and nature. Lastly, we have the new Red version that has been achieved after more than 100 tests and design changes.

The Red Limited Edition is shiny and bright, with light waves that go across the body; it’s definitely the more fashionable and polarizing of the three. If you then consider that it’s also harder to produce, then its value increases as well.

Other than the fancy outer body, the Elephone S8 also packs some high-end hardware inside, going from the deca-core Mediatek Helio X25 processor, to the 6.0″ 2K screen and tri-bezel-less design. Overall, the Elephone S8 is a good mix between beautiful design and powerful hardware. What color do you like most?


ELEPHONE S8 Red Limited Edition

The Elephone S8 red limited edition is now on sale over on Gearbest, with coupons for a pair of Listen 1 earphones. The Black and Blue version are also in a promotion, with the coupon code ElepS8 you can indeed save $10.

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