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OrientPhone Mega Pro 7 or iOcean G7?

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orientphone mega pro 7.0

Two fantastic monster phablets, both with similar specs but which would you choose?

7-inch, 4G LTE Huawei Honor X1 will launch 22nd April

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huawei honor x1

Next week is certainly one to mark in your calendars, ZTE, Xiaomi and OnePlus will launch new device and now even Huawei enter the fold with the LTE Huawei Honor X1!

Oneplus One invitations arrive with handmade soap

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oneplus one invitations

In typical Oneplus style, invitations for the Oneplus One launch on the 23rd are being sent out with handmade luxury soap.

DooGee Dagger DG550, $166.66 octacore on sale now internationally!

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doogee dagger dg550

Chinese phone maker Doogee have launched an octacore phone with 5.5-inch (1280 x 720) display for just $166.66! Keep reading for full details of the Doogee Dagger DG550!

Octacore JiaYu G4S officially on sale from 14th April

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jiayu g4 octacore

The already great JiaYu G4 is set to get a whole lot better and much more value packed as the octacore model will go on sale on 14th April.


Huawei P7 shows up at Tenaa for network license

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huawei ascend p7 leaks

The Huawei P7 turns up on the official Tenaa website in two version the Huawei P7-L00 and P7-L05.

ZTE Nubia Z5S mini from $277.99 plus 5 more great discounts.

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More great low prices made available to GizChina readers ranging from the $100 Cubot P6 all the way up to the fantastic Nubia Z5S mini for just $278.

WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1s receives network license

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The upgraded WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1S made its appearance over on the Tenaa website yesterday meaning Snapdragon powered Redmi’s will be on sale soon.

Vivo preparing another flagship already, or a possible camera accessory?

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vivo xplay render

With a Vivo Xplay 3S launched plagued with delays it seems a little early in the day for vivo to be announcing a new flagship phone, so what is this all about?

GFive A7 has all the complication of a rotating camera and non of the benefits!

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gfive a7 rotating camera phone

There are times when we look at a new product, stop everything we are doing and ask ourselves “Why?”. Looking at recent photos of the new GFive A7 with motorised rotating camera is one of those times.

Oppo asking fans which phones should they port ColorOS to

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color os

Oppo China have began accepting suggestions to which phone brand and model they should first port ColorOs to.

ZTE “Red Bull” receives Network License, Possible rival to the Find 7?

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zte red bull snapdragon 800

ZTE’s mystery “Red Bull” smartphone has passed through the Ministry of Communications revealing a Snapdragon 800 processor and and 1080 display.

Doogee DG-Phablet 6.85-inch, 3G phablet just $111

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doogee dg phablet

Doogee have moved in to the low-cost phablet manufacturing game with the Doogee DG-Phablet.

Spy photos of the iOcean X8 leaked ahead of launch

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iocean x8 leaked photo 2

iOcean may have announced the all glass iOcean X8 months ago, but real photos have been hard to come by until today.

Top 5 features of the iOcean G7

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iocean g7 review

iOcean officially launched their large screen Android phablet this month, here we take a look at the top 5 features of the iOcean G7!

Doogee Turbo DG2014 goes on sale for under $160

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doogee turbo

The Doogee Turbo DG201 goes on sale for under $160 to tackle the ever popular iNew V3!

Octacore Meizu Blue Charm Note teaser! Meizu to attack Xiaomi

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meizu blue charm note

The Xiaomi Redmi Note is everywhere on the web, what better time for Meizu to attack than tease their own octacore Note model.

Meizu MX4 confirmed to get 4GLTE in Q3

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meizu MX4 concept

Meizu have gone on the record to let us know that the next generation Meizu MX4 is scheduled for a release in Q3.

Meizu’s Flyme ROM spotted on the Xiaomi Mi3

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flyme rom Xiaomi mi3

As promised Meizu has started to port their Flyme ROM over to rival phones, the first being the Xiaomi Mi3.

Nubia X6 Long Exposure photos, plus spy images

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nubia x6 photo samples 4

10 days from now Nubia will launch the Nubia X6, a device we have learned today will feature a long exposure camera.