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iNew V3 Plus Review: Popular Chinese phone gets a speed bump

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We’re sure that most of you will remember the iNew V3, which in late 2013. It was one of the very first MT6582 phones, and was quite a mid-range bargain. The phone quickly became popular thanks to a 720p 5-inch panel, NFC and OTG supportat an affordable $180. iNew understood that even with it’s sleek looks and […]

MIMI MI-W3 Smartwatch Review: A step into the world of wearables

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MIMI (12)_result-14

Hands-on and full review with the IP67 certified MIMI MI-W3 smartwatch!

Hands on with the No.1 Mi4 (Xiaomi Mi 4 clone): It’s built like a tank!

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No.1 Mi4 (1)

This US$150 phone is a surprising piece of kit. It looks and feels thrice its price, and pulls of some neat tricks while at it: Meet the No.1 Mi4!

Meizu MX4 Pro Review – A Pro level Meizu at a realistic price

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meizu mx4 pro review

We review the Meizu MX4 Pro, a flagship phone with all the bells and whistles at an unbelievable price.

Are MT6589T phones still relevant? Let’s find out in the THL W200 review!

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THL W00 (6)

MT6589T phones really started the budget war last year. Does it makes sense, though, to get one now? Find out in the THL W200 review!

Hands on with the 5.5-inch Ecoo Shining Pro

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We go hands on with the latest from the Ecoo stable — the budget Shining Pro, which comes with a 5.5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM and an able octa-core processor!

UMI Zero Review: A whole new mid-range experience

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umi zero review

We review the UMi Zero, a mid-range phone dressed as a flagship with a wallet friendly price tag!

DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 Unboxing and hands on with Video

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dooggee dg900 turbo 2 review

We go hands on with DOOGEE’s latests, the DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 in this unboxing and hands on video and first impressions.

Review: The Cubot S168 is the $90 phone you had been waiting for

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Finally, we get our hands on a phone that’s truly worthy of being the budget king — the Cubot S168!

Ecoo Focus Review: The world’s most affordable octa-core 1080p phone!

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Here’s what you had been waiting for: review of the world’s most affordable octa-core, full HD smartphone — the Ecoo Focus E01!

Tronsmart T2000: Feature-Rich Chromecast Competitor

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We review the Tronsmart T2000, a simple to use streaming dongle and competent Chromecast rival. Over the past few years the popularity in Android TV boxes has boomed, yet the most feature is often to simple stream content from other devices, and there is a better alternative! Streaming dongles, like Google’s very own Chromecast, have […]

Weloop Tommy: The beta smart watch

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Wearables are booming this year, and especially smart watches make up a large chunk of this market, and market leaders are all backing the more costly Android Wear route, but do you really needed all those features on your wrist? What’s more battery life is pretty poor too, so it’s time to look at the alternatives. […]

InWatch Pi review – a wearable you cannot wear

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inwatch pi review

We go hands on with the InWatch Pi wearable, but find are rather perplexing issue with this watch inspired fitness band.

Ecoo Focus E01 Hands On: World’s most affordable 1080, octacore!

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Ecoo Focus E01 (2)

The Ecoo Focus E01 looks like a very promising prospect, with a cost price of less than $150 and specifications of more than just a budget phone!

Video: Unboxing and first hands on with the UMi Zero

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umi zero review

The UMi Zero has arrived with us today at GizChina, keep reading to hear our first hands on impressions and watch our UMi Zero unboxing and hands on video.

Meizu MX4 revisited: A look at the final product

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The Meizu MX4 launched a little over 2 months ago and as you may already remember Andi managed to review the phone and put it through its paces soon afterward. You may also remember that phone was a pre-production sample and now that we have a production model we though to re-visit the MX4 once again for […]

Review: Xiaomi Mi Band, basic but useful wearable

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xiaomi mi band review

After thousands of steps and testing with various devices, here is our hands on review of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness wearable.

Pirate Legends Tower Defence App Review

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Tower defence style games come in all shapes and sizes, so how well does the pirate themed Pirate Legends Android app stack up?

OnePlus ear-buds: A silver bullet of sound

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OnePlus sells their One at extremely low prices. One of the measures taken to keep prices at a low-level is to sell the One with pretty much no profit margin. Of course they need to make money and one way OnePlus wants to make a profit is by selling accessories for their phone. Their first lot of accessories, the […]

Tronsmart Orion R28 Pro Review: Power to the TV

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This one’s perhaps the best TV box that China’s ever produced. It costs less than a hundred dollars and does more than you expect… read more in the Tronsmart Orion R28 Pro review!