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Xiaomi Redmi Note Hands on and first impressions

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xiaomi redmi note review

Chinese websites haven’t wasted anytime getting their hands on and first impressions of the Xiaomi Redmi Note published, here is one of the first.

Video: ColorOS 2.0 Beta on the Oppo Find 7

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color os 2.0 hands on oppo find 7

Here in China, early adopters of the Oppo Find 7 were treated to a Beta version of Color OS 2.0 to try out on their new phones. Here is a hands on video with ColorOS 2.0 highlighting some of the new features.

Video: Walk through a Chinese Phone Market! Filmed on Oppo Find 7

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walk through a Chinese phone market

If you have never been to China then you are missing out on some seriously amazing tech sights. To bring you closer to the action we take you on a journey through a Chinese Phone Market.

Exclusive! World First Oppo Find 7 Unboxing and ultimate hands on!

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oppo find 7 review

This is a GizChina world exclusive! A 20 minute long Oppo Find 7 unboxing video with complete indepth hands on filmed by myself after purchasing the Oppo Find this morning!

Video: JiaYu S2 Review

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jiayu s2 review

We know you are all as excited about the octacore JiaYu S2 as we are so I have recorded a JiaYu S2 review video to keep fans going before we post the full, indepth written review.


Video: Chuwi V99X 3G, Retina Tablet Unboxing and hands on

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chuwi v99x 3g tablet review

Video unboxing and first hands on with the Chuwi V99X 3G Android tablet with 9.7-inch Retina display.

JiaYu S2 Mini Review, plus Benchmarks and Gaming Test!

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jiayu s2 mini review

After receiving the JiaYu S2 yesterday, we have spent the whole day with it today. Benchmarks and gaming video, plus day 1 impressions.

iOcean G7 Antutu X Benchmarks

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iocean g7 antutu x

You asked for them so here they are, Antutu X Benchmarks for the octacore iOcean G7 phablet!

First Look: JiaYu S2 Unboxing, hands on and first impressions!

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jiayu s2 review

Thank goodness for fast delivery! Our JiaYu S2 review phone has just arrived and we have wasted no time getting it in front of the camera for an unboxing and hands on!

Video: Octacore iOcean G7 benchmarks and gaming

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iocean g7 gaming review

We have been testing the 6.44-inch iOcean G7 phablet for a few days now and are really getting on with it well. Here are a few videos to keep you going before the full review.

Video: JiaYu F1 Unboxing and first hands on

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jiayu f1 review

The JiaYu F1 will soon be launched in Wcdma guise for international customers to enjoy. We unbox and have our first hands on with the $50 smartphone ahead of launch.

Video: Octacore iOcean G7 unboxing and first hands on

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iocean g7 review

Unboxing and first hands on with the iOcean G7 octacore pahblet! The largest iOcean device to date!

Video: First hands on with the JiaYu G2F dual sim phone

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jiayu g2f review

We have the fantastic little JiaYu G2F at the GizChina offices! Take a look at the first ever hands on with this amazing low-cost dual sim smartphone from China.

Octacore GooPhone N3 Review of a dual SIM Note 3 clone

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goophone n3 octacore review

The octacore GooPhone N3 review is here! We have had our hands on the GooPhone N3 phablet for a few weeks now preparing this review. Find out what we think of this dual sim phone with the body of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

ZTE Grand S Lite dual sim phone hands on and unboxing

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ZTE Grand S Lite

Each day we post news of new dual sim phone which have the newer MT6582 and even octacore MT6592 proceesors, but now and then we come across a phone gem with the MT6589T which still makes us say wow! Take a look at our ZTE Grand S Lite hands on.

Exclusive: Octacore Cubot X6 hands on, 140€ dual SIM smartphone

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Cubot X6

Exclusive first hands on with the Cubot X6 octacore phone. Dual SIM smartphone at a great price!

Ultimate Meizu MX3 Review – A Meizu I can live with!

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meizu mx3 review

Meizu are set to take to the world stage later this year. We take an indepth look at their flagship phone in our ultimate Meizu MX3 review!

Octacore $146 Coolpad Halo F1 Review

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octacore coolpad f1 review

The current price wars in China are forcing smartphone makers to drop prices lower than ever while raising the bar on quality and performance. The Coolpad Halo F1 is one such phone which boasts an octacore processor at less than $150!

$115 Xiaolajiao Red Hot Chili phone preview – amazing value and great design

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xiaolajiao red hot chili phone

Since the launch of the Xiaomi Hongmi, Chinese phone fans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an affordable phone with great specs. Now a new entrant attempts to topple the Hongmi from the top with higher level hardware and a lower price!

Nubia Z5S LTE Preview, full details and description of the latest flagship phone

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nubia z5s review

The latest Nubia Z5S LTE is a true Xiaomi Mi3 killer! This attractive 5-inch phone packs a Snapdragon 800 processor, FHD display, OIS camera and more. Here are full details and first impressions of the latest flagship Nubia.