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Video: Looks like the Honor 7 can take a beating (explosion test)

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The Huawei Honor 7 may only have launched a day back, but the company has already posted a video of the phone being tested in a rather unique way.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 Antutu, New Packaging and Scratch Test Video

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ulefone be touch 2

If you are waiting for a Ulefone Be Touch 2 to arrive with you then you might want to pass the time with the following video and Antutu details.

UMi eMax hands on and first impressions

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umi emax review

We get hands on with the UMi eMax to see what the largest, big battery UMi is like in the hand and in the flesh.

Watch: Elephone P7000 dissected, bend test performed (will it bend?)

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Watch as various tests are performed on the Elephone flagship, aka the P7000 in this teardown video!

LeTV S1 unboxing and hands on, a super sexy device!

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letv s1 review

Earlier today we finally received the much-anticipated Elephone P7000, now it’s time for another much talked about device, the simply sexy LeTV S1!

First: Elephone P7000 Pioneer unboxing and hands on

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elephone p7000 review

Its one of the most anticipated and long awaited Chinese Android smartphones but now it is finally here. Sit back and watch our first Elephone P7000 Pioneer unboxing and hands on!

Mlais M4 unboxing and first impressions

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mlais m4 note review

What a week for unboxing videos! Today we have another for you this time it is the Mlais M4 Note, check it out in this hands on and unboxing.

Ecoo Aurora E04 shows off CM12.1 in new video

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It has been a little quiet on the Ecoo front since the launch of the 3GB RAM E04, but the company have been busy working on new projects like CM12.1 for their phones!

Xiaomi Mi4i unboxing and first impressions

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xiaomi mi4i

Today we get to grips with Xioami’s latest device, the Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone in a unboxing and first impressions.

Meizu m1 note unboxing and first impressions

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meizu m1 note review

The Meizu m1 note has been on sale in China for a few months and in India a few days, here is our unboxing and first impressions of this mid range Mediatek phone.

Elephone S2 and S2 Plus appear in their own promotional video

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There serioulsy is not a week that goes by without at least a small piece of new from Elephone! So what do they have for us today? A new video showing off the Elephone S2 and S2 Plus in the flesh.

Real photos and hands on video of the Mlais M7

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mlais m7

Mlais have sent over real photos and a hands on video of their flagship Mlais M7. Take a look and let us know what you think.

The Battery Monster Bluboo X550 in a new video!

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bluboo x550

Since the Bluboo X550 first rumors, we haven’t seen any sample of the device actually working. But now a new video has been published showing the battery monster in action. The Bluboo phablet comes to meet an ever growing demand among consumers, a high capacity battery and fast recharge technology, to meet the first requirement the device has a 5300mAh […]

Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows 10 in a new hands-on video!

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Back in March Microsoft have revealed that it will be working with Xiaomi in China to test Windows 10. Now a new video of the device running the OS emerges.

Xiaomi Mi 4i unboxing: Video and Pictures

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Mi 4i (2)

Unboxing and hands on with the latest Xiaomi ‘flagship’ — the Xiaomi Mi 4i.

Ulefone Be Touch shown off in three new videos

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Ulefone Be Touch

The launch of Ulefone Be Touch is getting closer, and Ulefone is sparing no effort to promote the device. This time in 3 new videos on youtube.

Video: Asus Zenfone 2 Hands On and first impressions

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asus zenfone 2

The Asus Zenfone 2 is a big deal for Asus and for smartphone fans around the world. Our review model just arrived yesterday, and here is our hands on video and first impressions.

Mlais M52 Lollipop OTA rolls out, hands on video

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mlais m52 lollipop update hands on

It’s a few days late but Mlais have come through with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Mlais M52, but before you go ahead and make the switch you might want to check out the details.

UMi Hammer Smash Test – How Tough is the Hammer?

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umi hammer smash test

With all the benchmarks and photos out of the way for the upcoming UMi Hammer review, it was time to have a little fun and see just how tough the Hammer really is. Find out in our smash video.

Video: UMi Hammer hands on and first impressions

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umi hammer review

New for 2015 is the UMi Hammer, a new device from UMi and their first to support LTE with 64bit bit SoC to date. Watch our hands on impressions to see if the Hammer really is as tough as UMi claim it to be.