Ulefone Post A Video Online Introducing Armor 21 Camera

Armor 21

It has been a while since the rugged Armor Series of Ulefone brand added the Armor 21 featuring infinite halo. And from all the related information, seems like Armor 21 is still going strong. Among the main highlights, its camera module is certainly worth the attention. On the rear side,  there is a 64MP main sensor and also a 24MP night vision camera. Moreover, an 8MP front-facing camera enables you to capture clear selfies, v-logs, HD calls and much more. It also has a user-friendly camera app with a wide range of photography modes to use, So let’s check out all these things in greater detail.

64MP Main Camera

Armor 21 brings a 64MP Sony IMX686 main sensor, which is quite big 1/1.7″ in sizesize and supporting 4-in-1 1.6μm large pixels. After all, letting more light into the lens enables ultra-clear image quality. By zooming in on the picture and cropping, you can clearly dissect every detail, from hair to skin texture.

Night Vision Mode

Housed a 24MP IR night vision camera on the back, Armor 21 offers better algorithm and lower interference. It enables you to shoot great, clear photos in low light and dark conditions, which is helpful for some night shooting, wildlife observation and other outdoor activities.

Film Mode

Generally, film mode can help capture more detail in both the highlights and shadows, offering a sense of atmosphere and a more cinematic look. This can make them more visually appealing and engaging. Recording your daily moments into beautiful memories in “expired film”, creates a nice retro film style.

Pro Mode

Pro Mode, also known as Manual Mode, is a feature found in many high-end smartphones ,that allows users to have more control over the camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. Armor 21 has this feature in the camera app as well, allowing photographers to fine-tune these settings according to their preferences and the specific shooting conditionsIt is ideal for advanced users who shoot more complicated scenes requiring adjustments in lighting and other aspects. 

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GIF features

On one hand, GIFs offer a dynamic and visual way to express emotions, reactions, or convey a message. They can convey humor, excitement, sadness, or any other emotion more effectively than plain text and picture. GIFs loop indefinitely, creating a captivating visual experience. This looping effect can be particularly useful for demonstrating a process, showcasing a product, or emphasizing a specific moment. When in some moment you think it is better to make a GIF, you can just press Gif mode in Armor 21 to make a dynamic picture for yourself.

Panorama Mode

Sometimes, a single picture cannot fully capture the scene, Armor 21 allows you to capture breathtaking panoramic scenes by moving horizontally in panorama mode. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, crowded city streets, architectural marvels, or memorable family gatherings, Panorama Mode allows you to encapsulate the essence of the scene in a visually compelling manner.

Slow Motion

Armor 21 also features Slow Motion mode allows users to capture videos at a reduced frame rate. Resulting in a slow-motion effect, which can add a dramatic effect to a video, enhancing the impact of certain actions or movements. It can make actions appear more graceful, dynamic, or powerful, adding a new dimension to the video and making it more visually compelling.  And it can highlight details, that may be missed at regular speed. Objects like leaves, water drops appears perfectly in slow motion, which adds great aesthetic feeling.

Moreover, the night mode excels in low-light conditions as well. The time lapse and portrait mode can improve photography visual effect. It’s worth noting that the Armor 21 camera includes an intelligent scanning feature for easy access to files, translations, barcodes, QR codes, and more. You can always visit their official website for more information about the device.

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