‘Strida’ Electric Bike

Folding bikes are big business these days. Thanks to eco warriors and traffic tolls we’re seeing more and more of the tiny wheeled menaces on the roads. Just this afternoon I saw a Lycra clad grown man (possibly around 6 foot) riding a particularly tiny folder with what appeared to be 10 inch gold ‘Bling’ wheels!

The only way this chap could have looked any cooler (other than wearing a full face downhill helmet) would have been to choose a Strida folding bike, or one of the many cloned Strida’s available here in China.

A cloned Strida complete with disc brakes, an alloy frame and the super clean rubber belt drive will set you back around 600-1000RMB ($88-$146).

But what if your a recovering Xbox addict and have about as much stamina as the local darts champion?

That’s when the ‘Strida’ ebike comes in handy! Packed with all the features of a genuine Strida,  cool design, quick and easy folding action…. but with the addition of an electric motor to get you up those steep hills without making your heart do any unnecessary work!

The e bike version of the Strida clone starts at around 2900RMB ($425) which is about half the price of a genuine Strida here in China. Charging of it’s lithium battery takes around 5-8 hours, and it has a claimed top speed of 45km/h!

The convenience of the motor, however comes at a price! Unfortunately the price in this case is weight. This ebike version of the Strida styled bike weighs in at a portly 17kg! Thats 37.5 pounds! About the same weight as a full suspension free-ride mountain bike!

Full specs are as follows:

  • Overall Weight: 17 kg
  • Folding Size: 114 * 51 * 23 (cm)
  • Wheels: 16-inch pneumatic tires
  • Frame Material: 7000 aluminum alloy series
  • Transmission: belt drive
  • Payload: 110 kg
  • Speed :25-45 km / h
  • Battery: Lithium Battery
  • Charging time :5-8 hours
  • Battery capacity: 24V8AH
  • Motor power: 180W
  • Endurance distance: 20 ~ 25 km

Want more info on this or regular pedal powered Strida clones? Leave a comment or send us an email:


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