Chinese tablet manufacturer plans legal action against Apple

Shenzhen’s Great Long Brother electronics company are not happy with Apples latest creation the iPad. So much so they’re planning legal action against Apple if the iPad is launched in China!

Great Long Brother’s dispute with Apple is over the ‘similarities’ between the iPad and their own P88 tablet computer. The company started shipping the P88, giant iPhone look-alike, almost half a year ago and claim Apple has stolen their Intellectual Property.

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The claims seem quite ridiculous when you look at the P88 alongside the iPad. They look nothing alike for one! Then there are the hardware and software differences.

The P88 is a ‘real’ tablet computing device, running Windows 7 as its O.S of choice and coming complete with 250Gb hard-drive and extension ports such as USB plugs and a VGA connector. It’s basically half a netbook! Oh, and it has less than half a netbooks battery life at only 1-1 1/2 hours!

Compare that to Apple’s ultra thin, iPhone O.S running, 10 hour battery lasting iPad and we certainly don’t see where this ‘lawsuit’ of Great Long Brothers is coming from. It’s a nice bit of self promotion on the back of the iPad’s launch though!

Check out a full feature list of the P88 in coming posts.

Thanks to micgadget for the tip!

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