Latest iPhone clone runs Android O.S

aPhone a6 running Android

We’ve seen our fair share of dodgy iPhone copies over the past few years. Most of which have looked the part, but have really lacked in the O.S department. That is until the aPhone a6 came out. An iPhone clone that not only looks the part but also runs Google’s Android.

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Much like the iPhone, the aPhone sports a 3.5 inch capacitve touch screen, trackball, a dual core CPU, 2 megapixel camera, wifi and bluetooth. However, unlike the iPhones locked down bluetooth the aPhone will support real bluetooth with file sending and sharing, plus the a6 has a replacable battery and SD card expansion.

Clones like the aPhone a6 are really pushing the bar, but this time the clones have stepped it up a notch by adding a competant app friendly operating system.


  • Screen:    3.5TFT LCD capacative screen
  • Connection:     GSM Edge, Wifi
  • Operating System: Google Android 1.5
  • CPU:   300Mhz
  • Internal Memory:  260MBFlash ,130MBRAM
  • Expansion:   mini SD cards from 2-16Gb are supported

The aPhone a6 is available for around 1500rmb (around $220).

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