Hubless BMX. The future of flatland?

While you may not see this hubless, spokeless and chainless BMX at the skatepark anytime soon it’s still definetly an awesome project and could possibly open new possiblilies to flatland riders of the future.

Zigzain is a Russian computer 3D artist with a number of amazing concepts and design renderings on his blog.

A few blogs such as, have posted images of this hubless bike concept, but no one has mentioned the possibilities it could bring to the sport of flatland BMX riding.

In my view flatland has become a little stale of late, with very few innovations or new styles being introduced, but I think with the invention of a bike along the same lines as Zigzain’s new possibilites could be opened up.

If the bike were to be designed with rims being held stationary in one position while the tyres revolve around the outside, alot of new foot and hand contact area would be opened up. With all this extra room to move, new tricks are bound to follow.

Check out Zigzain’s blog for more of his design ideas.

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