Macbook Air Clone for $230

It was only a matter of time that the giant xerox machine that is the counterfeit market got its hands on Apple’s delicious Air. Keep reading for full details and pictures of the latest Macbook Air Clone.

The Macbook Air is quite simply one of the best looking laptops on the market today! It’s thin, light, ultra-portable and has the all so important shiny apple logo (for Starbucks use).
The wafer thin Air however has a mighty high price tag. Starting at $1500 and with only 1 USB, no firewire and without a dvd drive it’s a little pricey to have as a second machine and doesn’t have enough storage to be a main computer. For almost the same price you could buy a base model Macbook and a Mac Mini! or you could buy 6 Air Clones!

These Macbook Air clones look to have been coming out of a factory in Guandong, Guangzhou, close to Hong Kong for the past few months, and as the flood has grown and popularity increased, prices have become amazingly cheap. Current pricing for an Atom powered Air-alike with 160gb hard-drive and 1g ram starts at around 1600-1900rmb ($233-$277)!

Just like the genuine Macbook Air the Hackbook Air or iClones come with 13.3 inch screens, full size chicklet keyboards (non backlit) and a finger friendly sized trackpad. The all important glowing apple is included too, in a choice colours on some models too!

Not quite alike
Unlike the Air’s coming from Cupertino, the Guangzhou Air comes in a variety of colours, white, black and silver and a choice of either a black or white keyboard. They also run on much lower powered Atom processors,  but have easy to get access hard drives and ram compartments, 3 USB’s and a replaceable battery. It even comes with a remote!
Just one more difference, and this is the big one. The iClone Air ships with Windows XP rather than OSX, looking at the specs though one would imagine Snow Leopard runs quite nicely on it (as it does on my wife’s Lenovo s10).

Specs at a glance

Processor:        Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz
Bus:            667Mhz
Memory:        1GB DDRII     expandable to 2GB
Hard-drive:        160GB 5400 rpm
Graphics:        Intel GMA950
Screen:        LED backlit 13.3inch    16:9        1366 x 786 (res)
Weight:        1200g
Expansion:        3 x USB2.0        SD card reader

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