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ZTE had an interesting showing at the Mobile World Congress, and headlining that was the ZTE Grand Memo II LTE. The 6-inch phablet is really blurring the lines between tablet and phone, and initial impressions seem positive.

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The 7-inch Huawei Honour 7D-501U has just been seen receiving its network license, further blurring the lines between phone and tablet.

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2014 promises to be the year which really blurs the lines between phone and tablet with Chinese Android phones now being offered at sizes of around 7-inch.

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Today ARCHOS began teasing a line of Smartwatches they also plans to unveil at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

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If there was ever a phone to blur the lines between Android smartphones and tablets, it is the mysterious 7-inch Coolpad 9976A rumoured to launch this month!

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Hours after Vivo showcased the world’s first Android phone with a 2K display, we’re already treating our eyes to real pictures of the Xplay 3S! …

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Xiaomi and Oppo are known in China for great phones, and Xiaomi have a great an active fanbase, but no one really creates such a …

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Scalpers waiting outside of Apple’s Hong Kong flagship store have been told to leave by Apple staff and security, but are reluctant to leave as …

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  Apple’s support forums are filling up with iPhone 4S users who have found their new phones to have yellow screens. The yellowing has been …

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  Apple fans, smart phone fans, gadget fans and Steve Jobs fans from 30 countries around the world are currently sat outside Apple stores preparing …

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January 1st saw the launch of the most anticipated Chinese smartphone since the Meizu M8! The Meizu M9! The M9 launch had people queueing outside …

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If you clicked on this link expecting to see an Android tablet dripping with gold medallions and sporting a Mohican then your going to be …

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SAIC’s new Roewe 350 could become the first Android powered car on the market this April!
It’s confirmed!

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While you may not see this hubless, spokeless and chainless BMX at the skatepark anytime soon it’s still definetly an awesome project and could possibly …

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