New iPad Scalpers Waiting for Launch for $13 a day!

scalpers in hongkong wait for the new iPad to smuggle in to chinaScalpers waiting outside of Apple’s Hong Kong flagship store have been told to leave by Apple staff and security, but are reluctant to leave as they may not get wait the $13 they are owed!

Signs around the IFC Mall in Hong Kong where Apple’s flagship store is located tell prospective new iPad customers and scalpers alike that no waiting or queuing is allowed, and customers must reserve their new iPad online before purchasing.

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Despite this and police presence the scalpers are unwilling to leave as they have not been told they can by their “Gang Leader”.

The scalpers, which are from all over Southern Asia have reported that they are paid a measly $13 to wait outside the Apple store for 24 hours in wait for the 4G iPad launch, while scalpers waiting for the iPhone 4S launch last year made over $64 a day!

Scalpers have also begun to congregate around official Apple resellers across Hong Kong where they hope they will be able to purchase the new iPad in bulk before trying to smuggle them across the border to the Chinese mainland to be sold on the grey market.

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