P88 Tablet Gets A Mac Makeover!

Chinese tech company Great Long Brother made headlines recently by threatening legal action against Apple if the iPad was ever released in China. The Shenzhen based company claim that Apple stole design cues from their P88 tablet which was launched 5 months before the iPad was officially released.

As most commenters said at the time, including us, Great Long Brothers were just stirring it up for some free publicity off the back of Jobs’ Keynote speech.

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That was their excuse back then, but what’s their excuse for this? The image below shows Great Long Brother’s P88 tablet running a very (Macified) modified version of Windows.

The wallpaper says “Mac” and has the half chewed Apple logo. Gone is the default windows task-bar, a dock is in its place, while a Mac task bar has been placed at the top of the screen. If it wasn’t for the icons sitting on the left of the screen rather than the right we would have thought the P88 was actually running OSX.

It even has an OSX boot up screen!

Whatever Great Long Brother thought they could have done to Apple in the past has clearly gone up in smoke now!

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