Burberry Camera Makes Chav Spotting Easy

Fashion! what a wonderfully exciting institution! Even a hoodie and a pair of creased jeans kind of guy like me can appreciate true fashion.
If it wasn’t for fashion we wouldn’t have:

  • Lingerie models
  • The new Fiat 500 Abarth
  • Jean Paul Gaultier (who doesn’t like an outwardly gay Frenchman?)
  • Apple computers
  • and of course Burberry

There are hundreds of other reasons for us to love the fashion industry but in my opinion Burberry has to be number one and I’m an Apple user!

No other fashion company has become so prevalent in everyday life. It seems everyone has a bit of the brown and checked material adorning their body. Thankfully however Burberry’s main audience seems to be the ever so adorable Chav, and any company who can make Chav spotting all that easier deserves our greatest gratitude.

Gizchina News of the week

Chinese camera company Ordro must have decided that Chavs were still too hard for Joe public to spot, so their board of directors sat down one afternoon and discussed what could be done about it, their answer is beautifully elegant.

What stands out more than a gaggle (is that the correct grouping word) of Chavs in Burberry? Correct, a gaggle of Chavs in Burberry looking though Burberry handycams so to see what their world would look like on the big screen.

Not only does the Ordro Burberry camera make your scallywag visible from up to 3 miles, it also shoots in HD, supports most popular video formats and allows for SD card expansion.
The unit weighs in at a feathery 227grams, which is just as well due to all those sovereign rings and gold chains the poor old thug will be lugging around with him.
Unfortunately the ‘Chav cam’ as we have christened it, only comes with a 3.0 inch TFT screen and no view finder, meaning the Chavs depth perception is still very much intact as he swoops down to snatch your iPhone.

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For the rest of us out there the Ordro HD camera does come in other colors and costs a fashionably low 960RMB ($141).

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