4G iPhone Clones Already On Sale!

The iPhone 4G frenzy is hotting up! The will it or won’t it rumors are doing the rounds and the clone makers are cashing in!
That’s right Mr. Jobs hasn’t even made a peep about a next generation iPhone, but the imaginative clone makers have leaped forward to bring us a 4G iPhone clone anyway. Whether or not this is what the genuine model will look like (we hope not) we’re not sure, but we do like the sound of some of the functions.

The casing is much more boxy than the current iPhones. There are probably more edges on this one phone than there are on the entire Apple line up!
The screen is a 3.2 inch touch model, but you’ll need to use a stylus or have long finger nails to use it though as it’s a non capacitive unit (it won’t work with your finger tips too well). According to the blurb, the screen supports hand writing recognition, but we guess this is an input method for Chinese characters rather than having the ability to understand hand written notes or word processing.

The functions which really make this stand out, and the functions we would also like to see on the actual announced 4g iPhone are the 8 megapixel camera, dual sim card support and mini SD card memory expansion.

It would also be nice if the real next gen iPhone has the clones 1000RMB ($147) price tag, but we seriously doubt that!

We’ll have more 4G iPhone news very soon!

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