The First of Many iMac Clones

I can now understand why Steve Jobs seems so intent on suing each and everybody that rains on his intellectual property parade. It must be damned annoying to go to all the trouble of keeping products secret only for them to be cloned and copied once they’re released!
The iPhone and iPods are prime examples of Apple products that have been cloned to death, the Macbook Air is also heading in that same direction, but this was the first (of many to be posted) iMac clones we’ve come across.

As you can see from the pictures the design is extremely similar to that of the screen crackingly good iMac system.
Looking head on at the 19 inch TFT screen, you can find a 1.3 megapixel webcam cleverly hidden in a very large black border, which its self is wrapped in a silver ‘Aluminium’ look plastic case. Its all very ‘iMac” even down to the rather stylish curved alloy stand.

Rather than OSX, we can find an Windows XP installation running on an AMD Athlon processor with 2Gb DDR2 RAM. A NVIDIA GeForce6100 card takes care of the graphics, while a 320Gb SATA harddrive looks after your valuable downloads.

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The ‘all in one’ unit comes bundled with a keyboard, mouse and infer-red remote control ala iMac, however while Apple’s computer doesn’t pick up TV signals this clone model does! Meaning that not only can you play games, browse the web and listen to music, but you can also use it as a TV and watch you favorite shows.

While we’re not sure of the quality of this machine, we’re sure it would make a great student/kitchen/hobby computer. It could even be turned in to a home media server, although you would probably want to upgrade the unit to include wireless and bluetooth as they don’t come as standard.

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Full spec below:

  • CPU Processor type: AMD Athlon X2 5000 +
  • Memory: 2G DDR2 800
  • Hard disk capacity: SATA 320G
  • Drive Type: CD-ROM
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Not built-in (can upgraded)
  • Wireless LAN: Not built-in (can upgraded)
  • Built-in camera:1.3 mega-pixel
  • Display Size: 19 “TFT-LCD
  • Resolution: 1440X900
  • TV System: PAL / NTSC / SECAM
  • USB2.0: x2
  • HDMI Out: x1
  • S-Video Out: x1
  • Height: 435mm
  • Width: 490mm
  • Thickness: 85mm
  • Machine weight: 16.8KG

Not a bad little machine for 298RMB ($437)!

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