New iPhone 4G Concepts Leaked!

Ok we’re finally getting somewhere!

These, the latest of a long long line of 4G iPhone concept designs get our vote! If Apple make something similar to this, I’ll don my mac (pun intended) and head down to the nearest Apple store to join the queues on release day!

Gizchina News of the week

A huge AMOLED display, an extremely handy 5 megapixel camera, SD card slot (although I would personally find 64Gb too big, but the option is nice) a lovely looking faux Snow Leopard O.S and a choice of black, white, teal, green and pink case colours.

That’s why!
I was already sold when I found the pink option and that the iPod app uses a virtual touch wheel!
The concept also has a front mounted 2 megapixel camera which would be useful for  Skype and video calls, something which I’d happily ditch in favor for more battery life or a real “non-assisted” GPS,  but hey some people like the voyeur function.

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